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Jobe is an amazing boy! Jobe is working on his house manners and doing great. He loves to play and take nice long walks. He is getting better with his leash manners. Jobe has a lot of personality and loves his people. He is sweet and very loving guy who wants to make his people happy. Due to his rear leg amputation, Jobe would do best in a home with no or very little stairs.


Luther is about 5 years old and was dumped off at the shelter when he went blind. He has a genetic condition that causes total blindness but is not painful or harmful in any other way. He is very smart and learning to navigate his foster home. He is a sweet boy who just wants to love his family and get love in return. Luther is sweet and loving and so very smart. Give this sweet fella a chance!!


Holly is about 4-5 years old. Holly came to us from a shelter after she was returned due to her heartworm disease and laryngeal paralysis. Holly will need to be confined to indoors during very hot days and monitored for respiratory issues. She will not require any surgery or ongoing treatment (after she finishes her heartworm treatment). Holly is very sweet and loving, and will do almost anything her people ask of her (esp. if there is a treat involved). Holly is searching for a foster family or her forvery family!


Sage is a sweet ladybug! Sage is under 2 years old and has lots of love and energy! Sage has just moved into her foster home and has a lot of work to do! She is learning her house manners and that it's okay to sleep (she is afraid she will miss something) Sage will not be available for at least 2-3 weeks. Sage will only be adopted to a home with a physical fence.


Sweet Truffle! She is between 3 and 5 years old and has started her diet to lose some weight. She is a very sweet lady who loves a car ride or a long walk. Truffle is housetrained and will settle in to her new home with ease. Truffle would love to find her forever home so she can finally take that deep breath and know she's home!


This sweet girl is almost 3 years old. She is a little shy at first but quickly warms up to give kisses! Jersey is looking for a foster home.


Duece is a BIG (he weighs over 100lbs) and goofy boy! He is almost 8 years old and can't wait to find a home (without cats!) to call his own. Duece is waiting for the all clear from his vet before he's available to meet families, but until then he is getting lots of love from the staff at the vet!


This sweet girl is around 2 years. She is very shy, but SWEET. She is very and loves to snuggle. Acorn has met kids as young as 5 and was fantastic!! She will be ready to meet families after she is healed from her spay surgery in a couple weeks.


Poor Abraham was home alone when his home caught fire and everything (but him) was lost. His family surrendered him to give him a chance at a new start. Abe has had a lot of coughing, but is hopefully set to be neutered soon so he can find a forever home. Abraham is around 7 years old and loves kids. He is a very gentle soul who is looking for a stable family to love him.


Natasha is available once again! Natasha is sweet and affectionate. She is eager to please and reponds well to commands. Natasha is 9-10 months old and will only be adopted to a home with a physical fence.


Sophie is available once again! We will have an update soon on this sweet lady bug!


Dexter is brand new to LRNC and getting his evaluations. Dexter is a big boy (around 90lbs) and needs lots of manners, but he is SUPER sweet.



Rosemary is adoption pending!


Gus is adoption pending!


Figg is adoption pending!

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In October 2013, there were two cases of hoarding animals in Stokes County, NC involving nearly 100 dogs. Please visit our referral page to see some of the dogs that are still in need of forever homes.