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Poor Gabriella! She showed up a house on 8/16 limping and bloody. Animal Control was notified about her on 8/18 and she was picked up, taken to AC and give pain medication. We got Gabriella on 8/20 and sedated her to see the exstant of her wounds and break. She has multiple wounds and a severe broken leg. After consulting with our veterinarian, her leg will be amputated asap. Please check here and on our Facebook page for updates on this sweet girl. Even with all her pain and wounds, she is constantly wagging her tail!

APPLE and Babies

Apple gave birth to 8 puppies in an animal shelter. One of our fantastic volunteers rushed to the shelter and transported her to our veterinarian. We were unware of a nasty bacterial infection brewing inside her. Tragically, four of the puppies died of sepsis. Once we found out what antibiotic the infection was susceptible to, we were able to save Apple and the remaining puppies. At just over 3 weeks old, the family is doing great!! We will begin accepting applications on the puppies on 9/5/2014. They are all females and will only be adopted to homes with physical fences. Apple is a beautiful, black lab and we have no idea what breed the father is. He is handsome, since all the babies are adorable!


Dillon is a sweet, handsome boy. He was owner surrendered when his family became bored with him. Dillon is at our vet being cared for and getting lots of loving! He is a great boy and loves car rides!


Sampson is available again. Tragically, after only 7 short months in his new home, Sampson's dad was killed in an accident. Sampson is a very big dog at 135lbs. He is overweight, but is still a big boy! Sampson loves people, little and big. He would prefer to be an only dog, but is comfortable with some dogs. Sampson's favorite things are treats, getting belly rubs, naps, watching sports on the sofa, and food! We all love Sampson dearly and want him to find a home soon!


Sweet little Ariel was turned into a shelter at 5 weeks old! She has since gone to her foster home and is now 8 weeks old and ready for her forever home. Ariel is a fast learner and loves to play in the water! Ariel will only be adopted to a home with a physical fence.


Paige is a great girl! She is 11 months old and has forgotten all about her nasty start to life. Paige is a typical lab puppy! She loves to play with her foster sisters and is happy to be part of a family! Paige will only be adopted to a home with a physical fence.


Piper is a sweet, shy girl. Piper is 11 months old is starting to trust people again. Piper loves kids and trust them immediately. She still hides initially with new adults but is learning! She has good house manners and follows the cues of her older K-9 foster sister. Piper will only be adopted to a home with a physical fence and at least one other dog. She would prefer a home with kids.


My name is Deuce and I’m a young 8 year old boy looking for my forever home. I am super sweet and love, love, love to be pet and rubbed and hugged! I am an 80 pound big goofy boy, and I just LOVE to play with my toys. A home with small children might not be best for me because I get REALLY excited over my toys, and I like to grab them fast without much thought of what else might be close by. I walk well on the leash, and my foster mom recently started taking me for daily walks and this is one of my favorite times. She tells me I behave better when walked daily, so my forever home should probably be with a family who would enjoy taking me for daily walks. I’m a really good boy and only have a couple of things I’m working on. I like to counter surf because all those fruits and other things up there look just like toys! Who am I kidding, I’m a lab and I like to eat anything that smells good! I would do best in a home where I wasn’t home alone all day every day. I do not do very well in the crate so my foster family has been giving me some freedom inside the house while they are at work. It has only been a few days, but so far I’ve been doing well. However, I would still like it a lot if I didn’t have to spend long days alone. I really miss my people when they go to work. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I get along great with my foster canine brother and sister, so it would be okay if I had a canine sibling, but I refuse to live with a cat, but is in the cat’s best interest!. Anyways, I’ve been looking for a place of my own for a little while now so if I sound like I would fit into your family, please contact fill out an adoption application today!


Sweet Mora! She is a young and energetic girl who loves everyone! Mora was just spayed and we will have more info on her soon!


Plato is a sweet older fella. He is around 7 years old but he's so happy and young at heart he thinks he's 4! Plato is very snuggly and sweet! Plato has moved to his foster home and is settling in. He loves playing in the backyard with his foster K-9 brother. He does need to be told to stop playing, he won't stop when he's tired! Plate is very curious, but after a few days he is napping on the bed and the cat joins him with no notice. Plato is a very nice house guest and has mastered potty training and sit. He is working on his other commands while he waits for his forever family!!


Butch Cassidy (aka Cass) is a super loving 3 year old boy. Butch Cassidy loves other dogs, kids of all ages, and adults. He loves to curl up in a lap and his favorite passtime is giving kisses. Our vet had a hard time examining him because he wouldnn't stop giving kisses! Butch Cassidy is a laid back guy who would do well in any situation. He's had a bit of a hard life, evident by his torn ear, and is looking for a home to call his own! Black dogs are hard to photograph, they are euthanized at a high rate versus other colors. Butch Cassidy is easily one of the best dogs and has love and loyalty to share! Don't miss out on this fantastic boy!


Bass is a sweet fella! He is around 2-3 years old and very new to LRNC. He is a great boy who loves people of all ages. Bass is healing from neuter surgery and looking to meet some new families very soon! Bass prefers female dogs, this may change as his neuter surgery heals.


Holly is about 4-5 years old. Holly came to us from a shelter after she was returned due to her heartworm disease and laryngeal paralysis. Holly has moved to her foster family and is doing fantastic! She loves her foster mom and all her canine foster siblings. She gets along great with all 5 of them! Holly is doing great healthwise and loves to be outside lounging in the grass watching the horses! Holly deserves a chance at a normal life with a loving family!



Charlie and Shelley are adoption pending!


Prim is adoption pending!


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Sadly, we get new dogs in almost daily. If you are looking to welcome a lab into your home, please go ahead and fill out an adoption application. We have many dogs that are in the beginning stages of vet care that haven't made the website yet!

In October 2013, there were two cases of hoarding animals in Stokes County, NC involving nearly 100 dogs. Please visit our referral page to see some of the dogs that are still in need of forever homes.