American Service Pets Reviews: Is It Worth It? 2020 New

American Service Pets Reviews: Is It Worth It?

If you are searching for a chance to acquire an ESA letter quickly and without additional efforts, you can easily count on American Service Pets. This service can provide you with an excellent product, and the whole process won’t be time-consuming.

Once you get on the Internet, you’ll find numerous resources online that promise to deliver absolutely safe assistance for ESA letters. Nevertheless, if you take a closer look at these sites, you’ll see that not all of them are trustworthy. Sometimes, they send you inauthentic papers that can cause tons of problems. In fact, low-quality service can spoil your vacation or scrap your renting plans.

If you need a reliable ESA letter provider, you should be really careful. Today, we are planning to review American Service Pets. In fact, it is one of the most popular options on the net right now. However, is it really worth your attention? We’ll check how it works.

Emotional Support Animal: Who Need Them?

Have you ever noticed that your furry friends bring comfort and happiness to your life? Actually, spending time with your four-legged companion can save your day and solve many emotional issues. Several “I missed you” cuddles after a never-ending bad day at the office or sweet licks from your puppy after a big fight with your partner can be a great solution to make your life better. It will be difficult not to smile after a therapy like that. Or just imagine a calmly purring kitty snuggled up on your lap! The little creature will definitely make your heart melt.

No matter what kind of domestic animals you are planning to adopt, one thing is certain: the human-pet bond can change your life for the better and heal your soul. Unfortunately, the world could be cruel, but your furry buddies are always by your side. Whether you are angry, depressed, or sad, your little friends are here to help. That’s why many pet owners consider their pets to be members of their families. This connection is incredible! Moreover, such bonds can be extremely beneficial for kids.

Pet owners usually love their fluffy babies, as if they are their children. They take care of their fluffy companions with delicious food, a comfortable place to live, medical treatment, and affection. And pets, in their turn, love their human parents, providing them with comfort and daily hugs people desperately need. They share everything that happens in your life, whether you are happy or downhearted.

Thanks to their marvelous abilities to harmonize emotional condition, animals can work as an effective ‘treatment’. Of course, it is not a magic pill, but a pet-human connection can be really helpful.

Simply put, an ESA is an animal that offers support to help lessen a symptom or effect of a particular health problem. The great news about ESAs is that you don’t need anyone specifically trained for this purpose. Any pet that gives you a sense of comfort, promotes your wellness, and lends you a helping hand can be considered to be an ESA. If you’ve already adopted your pet, you can use it for support.

Some common mental problems that may allow an individual to apply for an ESA letter include the following:

  • anxiety;
  • mood disorders, for instance, depression;
  • ADD, especially in kids;
  • permanent stress;
  • post-traumatic syndrome.

However, if you are new to the concept of an ESA, you can experience problems with receiving an official letter. Many people who experience emotional issues don’t know whether they are eligible for an ESA letter or not. American Service Pets can reveal the mystery.

What Is American Service Pets?

American Pet Services is a reliable provider that focuses on providing its customers with ESA letters for both housing and travel purposes. The process of receiving your pet ESA approval is super simple and can be completed in one business day. Moreover, a brief consultation on the web doesn’t require you to provide any medical documentation or prior diagnosis.

There are various perks of having your precious animal qualified as an ESA. One of the most significant advantages is that homeowners can’t demand you to pay huge pet fees With an ESA letter, you’ll be able to save your money. Furthermore, landlords can’t forbid you to live with your four-legged friend in “no pet” apartments.

To summarize, ESA papers allow you to bring your pet wherever you want without any restrictions, as you need your precious animal for constant support.

Why An ESA Letter Is Helpful

When you have an ESA letter, you have more opportunities to improve your daily life.  Here are several key things you need to know about ESAs.

Your dog is suitable

Some potential patients don’t apply for ESA certification as they think their pet doesn’t meet the criteria. The truth is your ESA doesn’t have to be specifically trained.  And here is a big difference between ESAs and service dogs. No matter how big your pup is, it can be your emotional support animal.

All public accommodations should welcome people with ESAs

You can bring your pet with you everywhere. The list of places includes stores, cafes, restaurants, hotels, planes, buses, trains, and many more.

You don’t have to leave your furry friend

To help lessen the exhausting symptoms of emotional and mental conditions, you can be with your beloved pet whenever you need it. American Pet Services cooperates with qualified specialists in various areas to allow thousands of people to get the right to go on trips and live with emotional support.

Pets can improve the symptoms in various ways

Science is by your side too. According to some studies, a method called Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT) can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. It can also be helpful for those who have autism, generalized stress disorder, or self-injury disorder. Big dogs can act as a tool in this approach.

Family members should be together

After all, dogs are family members for many pet parents. Should you leave your relatives in the luggage compartment? No way! Not knowing how your lovable pet feels while traveling can be really stressful.  Moreover, it can worsen the symptoms of your mental disorder. With ESA papers, you won’t be forced to leave your doggy behind. What can be better?

When you have an ESA letter, you have more opportunities to improve your daily life.  Here are several key things you need to know about ESAs.

How To Use American Service Pets

Similar to other providers, American Service Pets offers online services, meaning you don’t have to leave your home to get an ESA letter. But what about the process? Is it fast and easy?

Actually, yes. All you need to do is to take three simple steps on the official website and enjoy the result. Here is how the service works.

  1. Complete the screening test

Once you visit the main page, you’ll see the questionnaire you need to complete. Just answer several easy questions on the net about your emotional condition. The test is free of charge and takes only several minutes.

After you finish, you can move further and decide whether you are ready to pay a fee for a meeting with one of their ESA experts. Their prices are quite affordable, so many pet owners can use these services.

  1. Consultation with a doctor

Once you pay a small fee, you’ll be able to meet with a qualified mental health specialist. The expert will review your answers and approve your application whether you qualify. The process is a piece of cake! American Service Pets claim that around 95% of potential patients who seek an ESA letter get approved.

  1. Receive your ESA papers

If everything is okay, you will get your ESA letter as soon as possible. The company will let you know about the results via email. The approval process will take around one business day.

When it comes to options here, you can decide to receive an instant download or printed copy. And that’s all! Your pet is ready for your trips and you can live in ‘no pet’ houses freely.

Is It Legit?

Yes, it is. All doctors that work with American Service Pet are real professionals. They are registered and licensed in their field of works, so you can be sure that you’ll get only high-quality services.

What Does American Service Pets Offer?

This company offers three various packages to fit the needs and preferences of all pet owners. Here is what you find on their official website.

This company offers three various packages to fit the needs and preferences of all pet owners. Here is what you find on their official website.

  1. An ESA letter for housing purposes

This option allows you to get papers to keep your pet with you whenever you want. Many pet parents face problems when they are renting ‘no pet’ apartments. In this case, the ESA letter helps you to bypass the restrictions and save money on pet fees.

  1. An ESA letter for traveling by plane

This solution was specifically designed for those pet owners who travel a lot. This ESA letter allows you to bring your dog to the cabin without extra fees. The approval paper can be used while flying with various airlines.

  1. Both Options 1 & 2

This package included two letters: one for housing and another for traveling.  If you need ESA documents for all purposes, this option can be a perfect choice.

Bottom Line

Pet owners who don’t want to leave their little buddies alone or who prefer to live with their dogs and cats shouldn’t miss the opportunity to receive an ESA letter from American Service Pets. The animal-human bond can be incredibly beneficial for your mental health. With many companies offer ESA services online, this service provider seems to be trustworthy. Plus, they have quite affordable prices.

As a result, you can save your money and also feel the support from your awesome pets wherever you need it.

Pros American Service Pets

  • it allows you to get your ESA letter online:
  • the process is fast and easy;
  • about 95% of potential patients get approved;
  • 24/7 customer care is always ready to help;
  • they have a money-back guarantee;
  • the company offers discounts to make the prices lower.

Cons American Service Pets

  • the services can be expensive for some pet owners;
  • you’ll need to fill in your personal details to get info about prices.

8 thoughts on “American Service Pets Reviews: Is It Worth It?”

  1. My only daughter moved to another country a year ago. I thought I could get used to being alone but I did not. I feel lonely even though I constantly call my daughter. But I want someone to wait for me at home and enjoy my return from work. I decided to have a pet and took a puppy from the shelter. I don’t want to part with him anymore and take him everywhere with me. But this requires an ESA letter. Can American Service Pets help me with this?

    1. You should not part with your pet. Not only are you attached to him, but he also feels a strong emotional dependence on you.
      Therefore, even a breakup for a short time can traumatize both of you.
      American Service Pets is a reliable organization that will help you provide all the documents necessary to ensure that your puppy is always with you. Take him with you to the store, cafe, and even the plane, if you are going to fly to your daughter. Be happy everywhere with your new friend.

  2. Mike from New York

    I have autism. But I managed to feel great when Max came into my life. This is a dog of the Airedale Terrier breed, which returned the meaning of life. I have to take a flight to another state in a month and I can’t leave my pet in the luggage compartment. But I am forbidden to take my dog to the salon because of his large size.
    Can American Service Pets solve this problem?

    1. Mike, of course, you should never leave your dog in the luggage compartment if you have health problems that require his presence with you. You should not worry, because American Service Pets will definitely be able to help you solve the problem. All you have to do is go to the company’s website and answer simple questions. Be sure that you will receive permission to fly your pet in the cabin very soon. Please note that the company’s activities are carried out following US law.

  3. My apart office says I have to pay for my service dog, and no matter what she can’t live with me if she is a certain breed, or over the weight limit. Is this true? I really want to show them proof it is ok. I have post polio syndrome and ptsd. I should be qualified and Foxy is truly my support dog indo many ways.

  4. My grandfather was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder after my grandmother’s death. We couldn’t find a solution for a long time, and then we suggested that he get a dog. We took a Clumber spaniel puppy from the shelter three years ago. He is grandpa’s best friend ever since. We decided that this couple should never part and issued an ESA letter. American Service Pets helped us with this. All necessary documents were issued quickly and at a reasonable price.

  5. I have a horse that received as an Emotional Support Animal, some people say a horse can’t be a E.S.A., I read that there is no one pet (dog, cat) classified as an E.S.A. according to the Fair Housing Act. Is that correct?

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