Chuckit Balls for Dogs Reviews: Fun Games with Pets?

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Talking about chewing toys for dogs, the first thing that comes to our mind is Chuckit!Ultra Balls (or just Chuckit Balls).

As we all know, predominatingly, dogs love chewing things around them. The only way to take their mind off your favorite sofa, table or any other furniture is to buy something to play with instead. And that’s the moment where the Chuckit products go to the rescue.

The company production is known for its durability, affordability and effectiveness. And today, we are going to review one more item made by it. So, let’s begin our review with one simple question.

Chuckit Balls: What Are They?

The product is literally balls for dogs that are hollow inside. They bounce pretty well, they float and are of the bright orange color, so you can see them from any distance. These balls are specially designed for aggressive chewers and considered to be the best on the market.

Available Sizes

There are three size options: small, medium and large. Small is 2 inches (about 5 cm), medium is 2.5 inches (around 6 cm) and large is 3 inches (almost 8 cm) across diameter. But be aware that Chukit Balls are sold out pretty quickly, so most of the times there is just one size available on different websites.

What Are Chuckit Ultra Balls Made Of?

Balls are made of additive-free, high-rebound rubber, so it’s safe for your dog to chew them. What is more, they have been tested for toxic chemicals by several independent facilities and no toxic agents have been detected.

Benefits Over Other Items

As it was stated earlier, Chuckit Balls are designed for really aggressive chewers. That’s why the main advantage of the product over other toys is its durability. Balls don’t get shreds for at least few weeks and can stay whole for months.

“Chuckit Balls Are Undestroyable” – Is It Actually True?

Yes, it’s true! According to buyers’ testimonials on the product, Ultra Balls for dogs by Chuckit last for long, even the color doesn’t fade out as quickly as on other chewing toys. To make sure yourself, please, proceed to the Buyers’ Comments part of the article. We’ve collected some recent responses from different websites.

Where to Buy And Pricing

Chuckit Balls are available online on different websites. The price is usually between 7 and 11 dollars depending on the seller. The package includes two balls, three sizes are available. The delivery is made within 1-3 working days.

We strongly suggest you buying Chuckit Ultra Balls for dogs from the website, because as for the review publishing date, there is special offer. You can buy the product half the price, for $5 only.

Are Chuckit Balls Actually Safe?

Ultra balls for dogs by Chuckit are completely safe to chew and to play with in different environments. However, make sure to buy the right size for your pet. Thus, a small-size ball may be a choking hazard for large dogs. If you don’t have other options, just limit the access of your dog to the toy when you are not around.

How to Clean The Product? Is It Necessary?

It’s recommended to clean the chewing balls from time to time from dirt, dust and other particles so that your pet doesn’t consume it. The Chuckit toy is completely washable, but it’s still advised to wash balls delicately with cold water.

If you want, you may use washing detergents, special sprays or vinegar for cleaning Chuckit Balls to kill as many fungi viruses and bacteria as possible. But if you do so, please, make sure the washing product you use is pet-safe. And it’s better not to allow your dog to be around, so that it doesn’t consume or lick the detergent or whatsoever directly. It may result in chemicals burns on the tongue and/or alimentary canal.

Buyers’ Comments

The best toy ever! These balls are really undestroyable. Previous ones got shreds the next day after buying, and I had to go for new toys literally the next week. 10 out of 10. I will definitely recommend Chuckit Balls to my familiar dog keepers.

Heather Whitfield (Jan 9, 2021).


Balls from Chuckit are worth their price. I bought them a few weeks ago for my 3-year-old cocker spaniel. They are still whole. This is the key indicator for me.

Korben Kenny (Dec 29, 2020).


They bounce really well. I can throw these balls far away and still see from the distance due to the bright color. I’m satisfied, and I guess my pet as well.

Sofija Lees (Jan 13, 2021).


My German shepherd dog is a really aggressive chewer. And Chuckit Balls are just the best toy for him!

Marissa Dickerson (Jan 10, 2021).


I bought Chuckit Balls for my chewer a few months ago. They still last! Undoubtedly, I’ll recommend it to others.

Hussain Kinney (Jan 2, 2021).


My dog loves it! I’ll give these balls the best score.

Brenda Pennington (Jan 16, 2021).


Chukit Balls are perfect for fetch. Besides, they don’t drown, so I usually take them for walks near the river with no fear.

Danish McDermott (Dec 25, 2020).


To conclude the review, we want to pass the opinion that so far Ultra Balls by Chuckit for dogs are one of the chewing toys available in the market. The product has lots of advantages and barely no disadvantages.

PROS Chuckit Balls for Dogs

  • The Chuckit Ultra Balls for dogs are made of natural resin elastic and are completely safe to use.
  • The balls bounce well and do not drown.
  • The chewing toy for dogs by Chuckit is of the bright orange color, so you can see it easily from a large distance.
  • The product is available in different sizes. You can also use it with a ball launcher.
  • Chuckit Balls are undestroyable and durable.
  • The balls are washable.
  • The toy is delivered quickly.

CONS Chuckit Balls for Dogs

  • So far, the only disadvantage is that the toy is available online mainly. We couldn’t find any offline store selling it.

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