Frisco Training And Potty Pads

Frisco Training And Potty Pads Reviews: Best Product for Dog Indoor Training

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Puppies enjoy exploring outdoors but when they are at home, they will mark every item they like. Frisco Training And Potty Pads are designed for preventing dogs from marking your household utensils. We are going to provide you with more information about the pads in this review.

What is this item about

Frisco Training And Potty Pads are designed for indoor usage. They include several layers that absorb wet. The pad is suitable for indoor dogs. Thanks to this item, your pet will always know where exactly to go. You don’t even need to go with your pet outside. There will be no smell neither wet in your house.

How it works

The product contains various laters that prevent wet from leaking outside and absorb it inside. The exact number of layers is 5. They lock in wetnesses and absorb the mess so that the floor remains dry without any stains and odors. There is one more important thing about this pad. It has a fast-drying upper layer that prevents tracking.

What is under the hud

This item includes several layers for the best level of protection against wetness and odor. The higher layer is fast-drying to prevent tracking. Even if the pet will touch it, he will make no tracks outside.

If you look further inside you will see a special Dual-layer absorbent tissue, which main task is to absorb wet and prevent it from coming outside. In the very middle of those pads, there is a special liquid-locking pulp with an absorbent polymer.

How safe this product is?

You shouldn’t worry about your pets’ health when using this product. They are safe as they are made from harmless materials, which are environment friendly as well. These pads will never cause any infection or allergic reaction to your pet or your family members.

What is the effect

If you are using Frisco Pads, you will help your pet to know exactly where to go, which will result in minimizing chances of wetness appearance on your floor. The product has two main goals – to train pets and to prevent indoor dogs from making wet everywhere in your house. The multilayer structure of the item prevents wetness from leaking outside the pad. Another key advantage of this pad is that it kills odors.

The advantages of using Frisco Training and Potty Pads

The key benefits of using this product are:

  1. It has an absorbent part that prevents wet from leaking.
  2. This item includes special dog attractant element for pets to understand exactly where to go.
  3. This item contains a special top layer to prevent tracking.
  4. The compact dimensions of the product allow to put it everywhere at home.

How to use this item

There are no special recommendations on how to use the item in the house. The only thing you need is to buy it, unpack the box and take one pad from there. Put it wherever you want. The puppy will go there every time. The pad has no top and down side meaning you can put it on any side as the upper layer will protect the floor from tracking.

Safety measures

This product has no side effects and is totally harmless to pets and the environment. You shouldn’t take any further safety measures to protect your family.

However, it is better to look after small children to prevent them from playing with the pads as they may cut them and put the parts of the pat into the mouth.

Should I take any additional measures when using the pads?

No, you should not take any additional measures as the pads can be placed wherever you want in your house. You can use them on any type of floor regardless of the material they are made from. This item will protect the floor from wetness and odor. This means you can put those pads on wood and carpets without any negative consequences for the material.

Where to buy it

You can order the pads from website. Here you will need to place the item into the cart and complete the order. The current price of the product is $30.44. If you select an Autoship option, you can save up to 5% from its initial cost.

You can also order more than one package. provides you with the information about the quantity of the packages in stock.


Before you buy one item, you should be sure it works. The best way to understand its effectiveness is to read users’ testimonials. Those who have already bought those pads and tried them say that it works for both outdoor and indoor pets. They underline that the item leaves no odor and protects the floor from wet. Moreover, dogs learn where to go and this pad increases the speed of the training process significantly. There are almost no negative reviews on the item. However, some users say that it is necessary to change them frequently so that they be more effective.


Frisco pads allow you to let your pet learn where to go when it is inside at home. These pads protect the floor from wet and kill all odors. The item can be bought via an internet shop You can order several packages and save some money.


  1. Protects the floor from wet and prevents odors.
  2. Helps to train dogs so that they know exactly where to go.
  3. Includes no harmful layers, which makes it safe for pets, humans, as well as the environment.
  4. Has a multilevel structure that makes it even more effective.


  1. You are to put new pads frequently to prevent odors and messes from appearing.

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