Hungry Bark Reviews: The Best Dog Food on the Market?

Hungry Bark Reviews: The Best Dog Food on the Market?

If you are reading this article about Hungry Bark, then you must be a happy owner of a four-legged friend. Everyone who gets a dog is faced with the question of whether it’s better to feed the pet with natural food or switch to special food for animals.

Veterinarians cannot yet give an unambiguous answer to this question. Special food like kibble, for instance, is balanced and does not have to be cooked/prepared, but it is important to choose what is really beneficial for your dog.
There are three types of food: dry, wet, and semi-wet. Each has its own characteristics and rules for feeding animals. We’ll take a closer look at the former one. Dry food is a granular product made from natural meat. Also, the composition may include grain crops. Quality food, which is not cheap, contains vitamins, micro-elements, and mineral substances.

This option is convenient for the owner. Dry food will not stain the bowl, it is easy to clean up what is scattered. Granules help the dog to brush its teeth right during the meal, it is convenient to take food with you on a trip or leave it to the animal when the owners are not at home.
It is not so easy to find a truly high-quality balanced product. But Hungry Bark is the perfect solution that combines everything that owners and their dogs need – quality, price, convenience, and more!

Hungry Bark: What Should I Know About It?

Basically, Hungry Bark is a brand of dried granular kibble for dogs of all breeds and ages. The manufacturer provides four various flavors of kibbles and even dietary supplements for your furry friends to combat the most widespread health conditions in them (like bowel issues, joint pain, etc.).  Food options are as follows:

  • chicken + turkey in combination with brown rice;
  • turkey + lamb (grain-free);
  • turkey + duck (grain-free);
  • salmon (grain-free).

Each option includes at least 25% of proteins, 4% of fiber, and about 15% of fats essential for dogs’ organisms to perform throughout the day. You may also buy protein mixes separately to add to the pet’s main food. Here, you can choose from three variants: chicken, beef, and salmon. All of them contain 100% meat protein and are meant to provide extra nutrients for your 4-legged friend.

What about Dietary Supplements?

At the brand web page, you can find a minimum of six variations of dietic aids for different purposes, including:

  • Heart Support: It ensures the proper functioning of the heart, strengthens blood vessels, and improves the condition of the skin. The supplement contains Omega-III fatty acids from various sources.
  • Chilling Chew: This mix helps to reduce stress and ease anxiety. Pet owners can find it extremely useful during traveling or stressful situations like natural disasters. It contains only natural herbal extracts like mayweed and valerian root.
  • Gut Support: The product addresses indigestion and enhances the gut microflora by providing the organism with probiotics, enzymes, and antioxidants.
  • Soothing Mix: It’s designed against itching and various skin allergies in dogs. It boosts immunity and alleviates inflammatory processes.
  • Overall Health: Basically, it’s a multivitamin supplement that nourishes the organism with essential trace minerals and vitamins.

Benefits of Hungry Bark

So, why is kibble and dietic aids by Hungry Bark sometimes called “owner’s salvation”? Here are just a few of their benefits:

  1. Convenience
    This is the main bonus! Compared to other options, Hungry Bark granular dog food is generally cheaper and easier to use. Just put it in a bowl, pour water into the second one, and don’t worry about feeding the animal until the next feed.
  2. Dental health
    Granulated food can support oral health. Soft plaque (and bacteria along with it) builds up around the gum line and between the teeth, causing bad breath. If this plaque is not removed, over time it turns into tartar, which only a dentist can remove. Chewing dry food pellets can help remove plaque, although this is not the only remedy for pet dental hygiene.
  3. Expiry date
    The extended shelf life of the pelleted feed and dietary supplements is also a plus. After opening the bag/bottle, both types of products can be stored without a refrigerator. And dry food poured into a bowl can be left for several days, although it is better not to do this.
  4. Price
    Feeding with dry food is significantly cheaper. This is especially felt if you have a large dog or several of them.

Where to Find? How Much Is It?

The Hungry Bark brand has its website selling all the mentioned products. We do not recommend trying to find the kibble and dietary products on other platforms as they may distribute cheap fake options. Check everything twice before ordering!

As for pricing, it depends on your preferences only. Usually, you’ll be offered a three-item plan – meal pack + dietary supplement + protein mix. But you can easily remove or, vice versa, add any item your pet needs. Thus, the daily price may vary from $0.50 to almost $3.

Also, the pricing can change in accordance with your dog’s size. Logically, bags for larger dogs (30+ lbs) cost at least $30, while the price for one 4-lb kibble pack for small dogs (5 lbs maximum) is just $17-18.

Hungry Bark Special Promos

As a new customer, you can take advantage of a two-week test period and a twenty-percent discount for your 1st purchase. You just need to sign up with the platform, fill in the online form, create a plan specifically for your needs, and receive an instant 20% discount for the next 2 weeks. After that, if you decide to continue your membership, you’ll get a ten-percent discount instantly. Do not miss your chance to use this opportunity!

Is It Safe?

Hungry Bark makes use of only natural components in its formulas and mixes. The brand even proposes gluten-free options for hypersensitive dogs. All the products are checked and certified. They are completely safe to feed your dogs on a daily basis.

Feedback on Hungry Bark

I am the owner of a large dog of the Cane Corso breed. The dog is an adult and receives only premium food throughout her life. At the moment, Hungry Bark kibble turned out to be the best for us. Before feeding my dog with an unknown treat in a bag, I carefully studied all the information provided on the package, including the composition. The food does not contain preservatives, flavor enhancers, and colorants. This is good! In the composition, meat protein and fats are listed in the first place. Then, there are vegetables 4%, and the rest is cereals, fiber, and vitamins. The packaging is convenient, there are notches for easy opening of the bag without scissors. Immediately after opening the bag, the aroma of turkey with vegetables is felt. The kibble looks pretty and even appetizing. I gave it to my dog twice a day in 2-3 scoops. My girl ate the offered treat in a moment and without hesitation. The bowl has been licked clean, and the floor around it has been examined for leftover treats. There were no surprises with indigestion, vomiting, etc. No allergic reactions were observed. Definitely recommend!

Roland Hartman

I have a Yorkshire Terrier, he is almost two years old. Yorkies are usually capricious in food, and the owners always want to feed them tasty and pampered. We’ve tried different dry and wet food, but he liked only Hungry Bark. And I’d like to tell you about this food made from chicken and turkey with brown rice. Hungry Bark pet food exists with a lot of flavors, but we buy only with chicken and turkey. The veterinarian did not advise me to give salmon to my dog, and Yorkie does not particularly like it anyways. In general, my dog eats this kibble with pleasure. So, I can recommend it!

Keiren Herrera

I did not like that the percentage of grains/cereals was not indicated on the website. Apparently, you need to subtract 25% of the meat indicated on the package from 100%? Then, you get 75% for vegetables and cereals? I’m not sure how to determine it. And I was stupid enough not to ask the support team. I guess, you can try it instead. As for the rest, Hungry Bark is completely organic. My 4-year-old dog eats it with pleasure. There are no side reactions or hypersensitivity. 5 out of 5!

Farah Whitehouse

I ordered a 3-item combo: salmon kibble, protein powder w/chicken, and gut-enhancing supplement. My dog likes everything! Finally, we got rid of indigestion issues. And the pricing is just perfect!

Isla-Grace Bain

With the advent of a pet in the house, there are so many worries. And nutrition is one of the important points. After all, an animal cannot cook for itself what it likes and what it wants today. Therefore, we, as owners, must correctly select food for the pet. Our family has a dog Michel of a decorative breed. We got him when he was already at a conscious age. We’ve previously tried dry, semi-wet, and wet food, both premium and budget production. But he liked Hungry Bark only. We take the kibble in monthly bags, it’s cheaper and more convenient. Michel prefers mainly turkey+lamb. It is a tight bag with a strip for easy opening. Tear off by hand, without the use of scissors. The expiration date is indicated at the bottom of the package (it’s usually good for a whole year). Inside, there is granulated food in small compressed pieces. The color of the food is of a beautiful meat color, interspersed with vegetables. The kibble smells good, there is no chemical smell in it. Definitely recommend!

Harri Odling

To Sum Up

In our review, we mainly focused on what pet owners think about the brand and its products. Based on this information, we can conclude that Hungry Bark dog food is perfect in terms of price and quality. It suits dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. Besides, you can order a combo of the granulated feed, dietary chews, and protein powders to promote your dog’s overall health. Other advantages are as follows:


  • Hungry Bark granular food is generally cheaper and easier to use.
  • The manufacturer offers various products for all needs, including dietary supplements, protein mixes, and meal plans.
  • It can support overall health.
  • After opening the bag/bottle, both types of products can be stored without a refrigerator.
  • The company offers a 2-week trial period for new customers.


  • Hungry Bark can be bought through the official website only.
  • It’s for dogs only!

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