Identification of dogs by chipping

Identification of dogs by chipping

The electronic information keeper contains the following aspects:

In principle, a chipped dog is an animal with its own electronic document, akin to a child’s birth certificate.

Before the procedure itself, you need to think through all the nuances and provide accurate information about your pet, because the procedure is performed once in a lifetime. This means that it will no longer be possible to change the zipped data.

It is worth showing up to the veterinarian who performed the procedure after a couple of weeks. Once again, it will never hurt to make sure how the biocapsule is implanted and whether there is no migration through the body.

Disadvantages of implantation of the chip
Less significant, but still a disadvantage, can be considered the cost of the procedure. On average, the price policy is set in the amount of 500 to 2 thousand rubles in large cities and 10-15% lower in provincial ones.

In the conditions of constantly growing demand for chipping dogs, the corresponding type of fraud is also developing. Recently, cases of purchasing used microchips that are not listed in the unified register have become more frequent.

When buying and implanting such a chip inside the dog’s body, the whole essence of the procedure loses its value. How to neither go abroad, nor prove ownership, nor return the dog to the owner according to such an electronic document will not be possible.

How does chipping work?
The procedure for chipping dogs consists of several steps.

The doctor scans the chip to check it. The information on the scanner must match the label on the package.
The injection site is disinfected.
According to international standards, chipping is performed in the withers area. The doctor finds the middle of the line between the shoulder blades, lifts the skin and inserts the syringe at an angle of 30 degrees.
The place of introduction of the chip is re-disinfected.
The chip is scanned again to check its operation.
A barcode from the syringe packaging is pasted into the animal’s passport.
After chipping, the dog can not be combed and bathed for 2-4 days. It is also necessary to prevent the animals from licking the injection site. If the pet is still trying to do this, buy a special plastic collar.

Do I need a chip if there is a stigma: the advantages of chipping
the procedure is painful, the risk of infection and local inflammation is high;
over time, the pattern fades;
the brand can be forged and changed.
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Until 2012, a brand was still used in the EU along with a chip, but now a dog will not be allowed into any of the EU countries without a chip. If you are going to travel with a pet in Europe, then the installation of a chip is inevitable.

Advantages of performing such a manipulation
In addition to the humanity of the procedure and its long-term duration, unlike the brand or address on the collar, chipping dogs has a number of objective advantages:

What is chipping?
Type and sex of the animal (dog, female/male);
Date of birth of the pet;

Special signs of the dog (for example, chronic diseases);

Full name of the dog owner;

Country and address of residence;

Contact phone number (multiple numbers can be specified);

Passport data of the owner.
How to do chipping for dogs
So, we have already found out that there are a lot of benefits from an electronic identifier. But for every owner, it is certainly exciting how the chipping of dogs occurs. It’s simple:

The animal must be delivered to the clinic at the appointed time (some veterinary institutions may offer a specialist home visit);
The doctor pushes the dog’s coat at the withers, he treats the skin in this area with an antiseptic, and the puncture site with alcohol;

A chip is inserted under the skin using a special syringe. At the same time, the animal feels a minimum of pain, as when the vaccine is administered. Soon after implantation, the electronic capsule becomes overgrown with tissues, its materials do not cause allergic reactions;

Then all the formalities are settled (the data of the dog and the owner are entered into the database, a mark is made in the vet passport about the chipping procedure, etc.);

For several days, you can put a protective collar on the dog so that the dog does not try to lick or comb the place of chip insertion.
What is an electronic microchip

What does a chip for dogs look like

The code is assigned a unique one and immediately after implantation is entered into the International Unified Database of Chipped Dogs, and the owner is given a paper containing the identification number assigned to the animal.

Please note! The cost of the first chips was high and was about$100. Over time, as technology developed, the price fell to $ 3-7.

When can I chip an animal
Please note! Puppies can be implanted with a chip already at 5-6 weeks from the moment of birth.

Where to make it and how much it costs
Chipping of dogs is carried out in any veterinary clinic. The cost of the procedure depends on the quality of the chip, the city where the clinic is located and its status. In the capital, the price for the procedure ranges from 700-1400 rubles.

In some institutions, it is additionally necessary to pay 200-300 rubles for fixing a dog by a vet worker. The cost of chipping is more than acceptable, especially considering that it is carried out once in a lifetime.

Common Misconceptions about chipping

Most dog breeders are not yet personally familiar with the chipping procedure, which is why many misconceptions are common. You should definitely get acquainted with the main ones:

Another common misconception is that microchip transplantation is an alternative to a leash with a collar. The data in the database does not guarantee that a pet will be found, this probability only increases.

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What is dog chipping?
Chipping of dogs is an advanced technology based on the use of the most complex microchips (chips). After chipping, full information about the animal and its owner is entered into the database:

Country and region of residence.
The breed and the state of health of the quadrupedal.
Coordinates and contact details of the owner.
Chipping dogs is a modern alternative to applying a tribal brand. If you have a chip, you can find out and check information about a lost dog and find the owner.

What is chipping necessary for?
The most relevant chipping of dogs is for those who like to travel a lot with their pet and take part in international exhibitions. The entry of animals into the territory of the European Union is allowed only if there is a microchip.

And now let’s talk about all the advantages and common misconceptions associated with the chipping procedure.

Common misconceptions
Despite all the obvious advantages, there are still some deviations in the chipping procedure, which veterinarians prefer not to talk about.

And we will list them:

This is a must-know
Dog breeders should consider the following:

Summing up, I want to note that despite the possible deviations, most dog breeders are still satisfied with the fact that they carried out the procedure of chipping their pet.

What does a microchip look like
A microchip is a special microchip placed in a tiny capsule. The capsule itself is no larger than a rice grain (about 2 by 12 mm).

The microchip contains the information necessary for the dog owner (approved and developed by an international standard), which in the future can only be read by a special scanning device.

The chip device, with the help of programming, contains a unique identification number (barcode), which is entered into a single international electronic database, as well as recorded in the veterinary passport of the dog.

The material from which the body of the chip capsule is made does not cause allergies and is not rejected by the dog’s body.

What is it necessary for
In the recent past, chipping four-legged friends was a rare procedure. It was used to label only super-elite pets that are of special value, including for rare breeds. Today, chipping has become a common phenomenon.

The main possibilities
for identifying a lost dog and determining its owner;
proof of your own right to a dog;
when buying an elite puppy, the chip capsule helps to make sure that the puppy that was selected or booked earlier is sold to you;
preventing the possibility of substitution of dogs at exhibitions or competitions of international level.

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The requirement of mandatory chipping of dogs imported into the EU countries is fixed by the regulation of the European Community and is stipulated by documents of the European Parliament No. 998/2003. The Law came into force on May 26, 2003.

Based on what, you will not even be able to board the plane with your dog in the absence of documents officially confirming the presence of your four-legged friend transponder

Where is it better to do such a procedure
Beware of gray schemes
Introduction of a microchip at home
Some veterinary clinics provide a service for chipping dogs at home. To agree to such a proposal, you need to be one hundred percent sure that the implantation of the chip will be carried out according to all the rules and requirements of the procedure.

The main customers for the introduction of microchips at home are breeders. Today, it is customary not only to vaccinate a litter of puppies before selling, but also to chip them. In this case, calling a veterinarian at home is completely justified and safe for small puppies.

To perform the chipping procedure at home, you need:

Basic misconceptions
So the owner will only have to wait for someone to find his dog, take it to the vet clinic, where the chip will be scanned and the owner’s contacts will be found in the database. The probability that this will happen is not so great, especially if the dog does not want to return.

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