Petplan Reviews: The Best Insurance for Domestic Animals?

Petplan Reviews: Any Traps and Pitfalls?

This is a must-read review about Petplan! Nowadays, pet insurances are getting more and more common. Domestic animals can be insured not only against diseases but even against a lightning strike or a poisonous snake bite. Today, many insurance companies offer a wide variety of animal insurance programs.

You can insure your four-legged or two-winged friend against the following risks:

  • diseases;
  • natural disasters;
  • fire hazard;
  • safety incidents;
  • burglary and robbery.

Separately, you can insure civil liability related to the ownership of an animal: for causing harm to the life, health or property of others.
Many insurers take exotic and wild animals and almost all outbreds out of their activities. For example, in order to insure your beloved dog, you need a bunch of documents: a veterinarian’s certificate of the dog’s health and vaccinations, pedigree, dog number, an act of examination of the dog by specialists of the insurance company. In this case, the animal must be registered in any dog club.

By the way, it is this organization, on the basis of a special document (registration certificate, certificate or opinion), that determines the cost of an animal of this breed. And already within the limits of this cost, the amount of insurance compensation is established.
The range of animal insurance rates is as wide as the list of breeds. On average, the cost of an annual policy ranges from 2.5% (birds of egg breeds) to 15% (bees). Insurance for a cat or dog will cost you on average 4% of the insured amount.

Sound tempting and simple, right? Unfortunately, not all insurance companies offer clear terms and conditions. In most cases, insurance programs turn out to be really confusing. But with Petplan, you won’t have to worry about it. This is one of the most straightforward and generous companies on the market!

What Is Petplan?

Petplan is an insurance company founded at the beginning of the 2000s. It’s focused on domestic animals mainly as the founders have had the insurance coverage issue themselves and know how important the safety of cats, dogs, and other furry friends is. Currently, the company is legally functioning in the USA and Canada.

What Does It Offer?

As of the time of writing, Petplan provides just one insurance program that covers:

  • treatment expenses (in cases of injuries and illnesses);
  • prescriptions;
  • dental care;
  • maintenance and treatment of genetic conditions;
  • diagnostic tests and procedures;
  • health checks and fitness assessments;
  • behavioral treatment.

Vaccinations, preventative treatment, spaying/neutering, chip implantment, and burial expenses aren’t included. Yet, the company states they will reconsider the plan in the nearest future.

Petplan Pricing & Coverage Limits

In this regard, the Petplan company is the most straightforward on the market. The monthly price is determined within one insurance plan by the next factors:

  • pet’s breed/age/sex;
  • location (prices for US citizens and Canadians may differ a bit);
  • the history of previous illnesses and treatments;
  • the amount of deductible, annual limit, and reimbursement you select individually.

Thus, the minimum policy price for a monthly subscription is $20.16 (for 1-year-old cats and dogs). The maximum one may rise up to 260 dollars and is applied to pets of 12+ years of age.

As for reimbursement limitations, Petplan offers two annual limits – $5,000 and $15,000. With the more expensive program, you are going to get more perks. To put it simply, the lower the annual limit, the fewer benefits and cover fees you have. With the 5k insurance, your deductible will be about 500 dollars, and the reimbursement level is no more than 70%. With the 15k program, these numbers change to $250 and 90% respectively. So, it’s up to you which one to choose.

What Cases Isn’t Covered by the Insurance?

Apart from the foregoing exceptions (vaccinations, preventative measures, etc.), there is a whole list of cases according to which the company can refuse to pay insurance compensation. As a rule, all these points are reflected in contracts. For example, a dog owner is unlikely to receive insurance coverage if their four-legged friend is hit by a car while walking without a leash. Or another case: Petplan will definitely not pay liability insurance to the owner of the fighting dog if he walked it without a muzzle and the pet bit a child on the playground.

A separate topic is pre-existing conditions. According to Petplan, any chronic condition or the state of health that has existed before applying for the program or during the pending period is considered to be pre-existing. It won’t be covered by the company. But if the symptoms of the pre-existing condition don’t show up during the whole year after enrollment, Petplan can make an exception and partially reimburse the following expenses.

Petplan: The Pending Period

After applying for the policy, all customers have to wait for 14 business days before the insurance becomes legally effective. Besides, in some health issues, there is a “qualifying period” active. For instance, any joint complaints won’t be reimbursed within the first half a year after enrollment. So, it’s better to check all the terms and conditions in advance.

How to Claim the Reimbursement?

To receive insurance compensation, you need the owner’s passport, checks, and discharge from a veterinarian clinic. But there are serious requirements for the latter. It should contain:

  • date of the first call/visit;
  • medical history (anamnesis);
  • services rendered;
  • medications and consumables;
  • prescriptions;
  • recommendations for further treatment;
  • diagnosis;
  • vet’s name;
  • seal.

Also, you have to make sure the first visit to the vet clinic is made within 2 days after an accident/injury/illness. All the documents should be sent to the client support team within 90 days after the medical check and billing. You can do this via the Petplan official website or through the downloadable application.

What Do Users Say About Petplan?

Paid insurance for two cases with a dog. Client service is as polite as possible. They respond quickly. The money came within 5 minutes after sending my claim. Petplan reviewed the applications fairly quickly. So far, I’m satisfied!

Harvir Atkins

A great company with very polite support staff and active social media, which is important in the age of high technology. They promptly help to solve problems and can even work as a psychological support service in a situation of an insured event (for example, if a neighbor threatens your pet with violence, a company employee will calm you down, tell you what to do, and then call back and settle the conflict). Recommend!

Aimee Vaughan

I insured my puppy (Golden Retriever) when he was 3 months old. When he was 5 months old, I already used the services of an insurance company. The puppy broke his paw finger while walking. The fracture turned out to be an insured event, the money was transferred 5 days after the claim. I communicated with the insurance company through their downloadable application, sent all the photos of the documents to the same place. 5 out of 5!

Zoe Parkinson

I insured my dog (German shepherd, 1 y.o.) with Petplan last year. Recently, I had to go to the clinic because of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The company support works quickly, there are no problems with paperwork, you just need to send photos. If something is missing, they immediately report it. The insured event was considered within three days, then the money was simply returned to my card. Keep in mind that not all clinics give a full statement indicating complaints and anamnesis, so it is worth immediately indicating what will be needed for your pet’s insurance. At least, in my case, I had to do so.

Craig Craft

I must say right away that at first, there was little trust in the company, but after 2 months, I was personally convinced of the opposite. And I would like to recommend it to everyone!

Lilian Dominguez

Petplan works quickly, clearly and pays a lot on my insurance plan. Tested in practice! Clients are loved, helped, and prompted. This company is a ray of light in the gloom of conventional insurance establishments. The only pity is that I can’t insure myself in Petplan!

Haaris Simmons

I was waiting for a catch, but there was none. For almost half a year, our dog has been insured and we have received payments several times. I am very happy, the insurance has paid for itself many times. For example, one appointment with a veterinarian with examination and diagnosis tests cost us $5,000. And insurance is just $30 a month. So, it’s easy to calculate how profitable the policy is!

Lilly Morin

I insured my puppy with this insurance company. An insured event came, our Damon apparently got poisoned by something while walking on the street. I had to urgently go to the vet clinic. After my pet’s recovering, I sent scans of all the requested documents to Petplan, and the reimbursement for the clinic was sent back within a few days. Everything was quick and straightforward, I was pleased with this company. Recommend!

Shazia Simmonds


Based on the foregoing details, we can conclude that Petplan is a great pet insurance company. It provides excellent customer service, covers numerous cases, and is cheaper than most options on the market. Personally, we think it’s worth trying.


  • Petplan is a reliable and straightforward company.
  • The company provides customized plans: you can choose the plan limits yourself.
  • The pricing is below average (currently, it’s the most profitable on the market).
  • Customers aren’t limited by their location: you can visit a vet clinic in any place in the USA and Canada and still get your reimbursement.
  • On the website, you can find numerous articles and studies to improve your knowledge of pet treatment and insurance.
  • Petplan covers a whole host of events and accidents.


  • Petplan offers only one insurance program.
  • There is a “qualifying period” during which some health complaints (like joint damages) won’t be covered.

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