Have a question you can't find the answer to?  Email us at lrnc@labrescuenc.org!


Contact FAQs

What is your address?

Our mailing address is 4182 Clemmons Rd, PMB 319, Clemmons, NC  27012

What is your phone number?

We are a statewide, volunteer group.  We do not have a main phone number.  Please email us with your question and the right volunteer will be in touch soon.

Do you have a facility we can visit dogs at?

No, we do not have an adoption center.  We have dogs in foster homes in most areas of NC and we board dogs at our main veterinarian located near Winston Salem.


Dog FAQs

Where do your dogs come from?

The majority of our dogs come from high kill shelters in NC . We also receive dogs as strays or owner surrenders.  Many of our dogs have been in less than ideal situations and require a little time to get fully vetted prior to meeting perspective families.

What ages are your dogs?

We gets dogs of all ages!  We occasionally have small puppies or rescue a pregnant mom.  Most of our dogs are between 1-5 years old.  This is the age where people sometimes regret getting a large, energetic dog and surrender them to shelters.  We also get a lot of older and senior dogs.  We have rescued labs as old as 14 years old (super healthy and happy-owner just wanted a puppy).

Are the dogs spayed or neutered?

Yes!  As soon as they are medically ready and old enough to be neutered* they receive the surgery.  *Neutered is the gender neutral term and refers to males and females.

Why do you have so many black labs?

Black dog (and cat) syndrome does exist.  Black animals are more likely to be euthanized in a shelter setting.  Our theory is that black pets are harder to photograph.  in the past, we have had families tell us that certain dogs look 'mean' or 'aggressive' in their photos.  We now use props to brighten the area around their faces.  We have had an overwhelming positive result from adding a few flowers around their faces!


Adoption FAQs

What is your adoption fee?

Our adoption fee is $275.

Do I have to have a fence to adopt?

While we do require a physical fence for all puppies and dogs under 1 year old, we do also adopt to homes with invisible fencing, radio fencing, and no fencing.  Some dogs may require certain types of fencing or be okay without a fence.  Each dog and applicant is handled on a case by case basis.

I filled out an application to adopt and did not receive a response.  Why?

Once you fill out an application, you should receive an auto-reply to verify receipt.  If you did not receive it, please resubmit your application.  If you received your confirmation email and have not heard from us within 3 days, please check your SPAM boxes.  You are welcome to email us at lrnc@labrescuenc.org after that to check on your application.  If your application was not filled out completely or by an adult 21 years old or older, it will not be considered.

How long is my application good for?

We keep our applications on file for 6 months.  If your application is older than 6 months, please fill out a new one.  If you have adopted before or were approved, your process will be shorter.

What areas do you adopt to?

We adopt to all of NC, upstate SC, eastern TN, and some southern areas of VA.

Once my application is received, how long before I can adopt?

The approval process can take anywhere from 5-14 days once your application is received. Once your application is approved you will be able to meet available dogs!

Do you offer trial runs or can I take a dog I'm interested in adopting home for a weekend?

No, we don't do any trial runs.  We are diligent in finding the best fit for each dog and family!  We have found trial runs or weekend visits are very stressful for the dogs and almost always end in failure for the dog and family.

I want to surprise my wife, husband, mom, dad, kid, etc with a lab.  Do you help with that?

No, each adoption requires the entire family to visit and agree to adopt.  Dogs make horrible gifts, however stuffed dogs and a LRNC adoption certificate make a great gift!


Fostering FAQs

Am I responsible for my foster dog's veterinary care?

No, basic vet care is covered by LRNC.  Depending on the visit, LRNC will cover or reimburse for veterinary care.  However, if a dog becomes sick or injured due to your extreme negligence you may be required to cover all or part of resulting veterinary care.

What do I feed my foster dog?

LRNC will provide you with a bag of food (if requested).  You are also welcome to purchase and feed your foster dog a high quality food at your cost.  At this time LRNC does not offer food reimbursements.

I have receipts for my foster dog's care.  How do I get reimbursed?

Our foster home reimbursement form can be found here

I'm afraid I'll fall in love with my foster dog.  How do not get attached to them?

There is no way not to fall in love with each of these dogs!  Fostering is a huge help to us and the foster dogs.  We recommend a lot of ice cream and getting a new foster dog quickly to help ease the happy sadness of your foster dog being adopted!


Donating FAQs

Can I donate directly to your veterinarian?

Absolutely!  Please send us a brief email to lrnc@labrescuenc.org and let us know you want to donate to one of our vets.  We will give you the vet information and directions to donate to our account.

I can't adopt, but would like to help.  Can I meet a dog or donate towards a certain dog?

Yes!  Email us and we will make arrangements.  Please specify what dog you want to 'sponsor' with your donation.

My child is having a birthday party and would like to accept donations for Lab Rescue in lieu of gifts.  Could my child bring the donations to your dogs?

Of course!  Please email us for a directions and to set up a time to see a dog your child's gifts are going to.