Lab Rescue of NC is overwhelmed every day with the number of labs that end up in animal shelters throughout North Carolina. We are unable to take the majority of these wonderful dogs into our foster program due to the limited number of foster homes we have. Most of those Labradors we can not pull from shelters are having to be killed by the shelters to make room for more dogs coming in. Not only are young and older adult Labradors having to die due to no room but also litters of puppies of purebred Labradors die in shelters. Fortunately all of the Labs pictured on this page were taken in by Lab Rescue of NC and adopted to great homes. For every one we take in a low estimation of 30+ Labradors die in NC shelters.

If you would like to help save a Labrador's life but cannot permanently adopt a dog at this time, please consider fostering. Short term and long term foster homes are desperately needed! We have a great network which provides continuous support for new foster parents. If you are interested in fostering or have questions about becoming a foster home please email us at You can help us help them!

Due to the number of dogs we have to treat for heartworms and the number of dogs needing surgery other than spaying/neutering, our average cost per dog runs just over $800. Our adoption fee is only $275 per dog. That leaves us relying on approximately $525 per dog in donations! So please, if you can spare a donation in any amount, donate today to help save another Labrador life. We and the Labs would be very thankful!

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