CertaPet Reviews: Legitimate Or Not? Update 2020

CertaPet Reviews: Legitimate Or Not?

If you want to keep your pet with you no matter where you move, CertaPet is here to help. Our four-legged friends make our lives better in many ways. They are adorable, funny and joyful. When you come home after a long working day, only pets are able to lift your mood in a matter of seconds. However, the modern world is full of restrictions and rules that prohibit carrying your fluffy buddies with you even if you desperately need them.

While you are on a business trip alone, this experience can be incredibly stressful. Moreover, even the most luxurious home isn’t a home without your little companion. What to do in such situations? As it turns out, your doctor can ‘prescribe’ you to have a pet. However, to use the ‘prescription’, you must have an ESA letter, and here is exactly when you can contact CertaPet and solve all your problems in a matter of minutes.

In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at this service provider to find out what it is, whether it is safe, and what exactly you can expect from it. But let’s start from the very beginning and discover how the whole system works.

Emotional Support Animal: What Are They?

Unfortunately, there are a few health problems that can’t be treated effectively by traditional medicine. Of course, pills can improve the symptoms, but sometimes, they still aren’t enough. Some people require additional forms of treatment that ordinary doctors can’t offer. And in this case, we can appeal to domestic animals that can help us to go through difficult times and feel better in tough situations. These wonderful pets are called emotional support animals or ESAs.  These little creatures can offer the exact amount of support that all of us need from time to time.

These animals don’t provide service; they care more about the emotional condition of their owners. Therefore, you don’t need to search for something specific. You might already have met it in your own apartment. Simply put, if you are a pet parent and your little buddy makes you feel comfortable, it can be regarded as an ESA. Nevertheless, you should really need it to apply for an ESA letter.

Many individuals who experience emotional problems don’t know how to apply for an ESA letter and hesitate as they don’t know whether they can qualify for it. Actually, it is easier than you might think, especially if you are using CertaPet

Generally speaking, there are numerous service providers that advertise ESA letters on the web, but it can be really difficult to make the right choice. There are multiple resources on the Internet, however, not all of them are reliable.

Luckily, CertaPet can provide people in need with a genuine ESA letter that can be used for several purposes, including the most essential like travel or housing, or both. But what is CertaPet in a nutshell?

What Is CertaPet?

CertaPet is a marvelous online service provider that connects medical professionals with potential patients. It allows you to arrange a comprehensive interview, and, as a result, an ESA letter if you need it for medical reasons. The aim is to determine if you have a condition that can be improved with the help of an ESA or not. If you are diagnosed with such a disorder or condition, you’ll get an ESA letter that will confirm your special needs.

In other words, this is a platform that allows customers to register their four-legged friends as ESAs. Their site gives users an opportunity to receive an authentic ESA letter. However, they just connect potential patients with experts. This company doesn’t provide pet parents with specific animal certifications. Therefore if you are searching for such services, you will have to find another enterprise.

While CertaPet writes that they are a third-party organization that facilitates the whole process, their site is packed with useful information about ESAs and how an approval letter can ease your life in several ways. The letter can give you an opportunity to pass around the restrictions when it comes to rental property and planes. Plus, it allows you to avoid some fees related to pets.

Why You May Need An ESA Letter

Once you acquire an ESA letter, you’ll be able to benefit from it. Here is what you can expect.

Housing letter

This type of paper allows you to pass restrictions for no-pet policies (it works for apartments that consist of more than four units and for homes where the landowner possesses a lot of properties). What does it mean in simple words? When you are going to rent an apartment with no pet policy, you are legitimately allowed to have a fluffy friend.

Traveling letter

When you have a travel letter, it allows you to feel more freely during the flights. You have a right to travel with your dog or cat in the cabin without restrictions and extra fees.

To summarize, with an ESA letter, you and your pet can:

  • spend time together without any limitations;
  • avoid pet fees as well as deposits;
  • stay together during flights;
  • get around the ‘no pet’ policy while renting an apartment.

How To Use CertaPet

The platform is super easy to use, so it won’t be a problem even for the most inexperienced Internet users.

To start your application process with this service provider, you just need to tap on the ‘Get Started Today’ button which is located on the main page. The platform is easy to navigate, so you’ll see this red button right after you open the official website. It can also be found on most of their pages, you’ll never miss it.

Once you press the button, you’ll be redirected to a new page where you’ll see the further instructions. First of all, you are required to go through the pre-screening questionnaire. The great news about this test is that it is entirely free to do. The test will assess whether you are eligible for an ESA letter for your pet.

It is important to remember that you won’t be able to see information about prices unless you finish the screening test and provide the company with all the necessary personal details.

The whole process can be divided into several essential steps.

1. Complete a screening test

This test allows you to see whether you are suitable for the services. It is super easy and takes only several minutes. Furthermore, everything is completely free at this stage. All information you provide is secured and confidential.

2. Talk to a licensed expert

If everything is okay, you’ll move further to have a meeting with a mental health specialist. Each short but comprehensive meeting with a therapist located in your area will take around 20-30 minutes.

3. Receive an ESA letter

This is the final stage of the whole process. Once you get a letter, you can print it on your own, or wait until it is shipped to your address.

Overall, the cooperation with this service provider is convenient and user-friendly. The site looks modern and attractive for all pet owners. The platform seems to be safe and trustworthy, plus they provide various customer care options to fit the needs and preferences of all customers.

Is It Legal?

While the Internet is full of threats nowadays, many pet parents have doubts about services that promise to offer assistance in obtaining an ESA letter. What about CertaPet? Everything seems to be great there.

In general, we can rely on key federal regulations when we are talking about ESAs: the Fair Housing Act as well as the Air Carrier Access Act. The papers from this service are issued with the respect to these rules and are certified by licensed and well-qualified therapists. In other words, all ESA letters are absolutely legal.

Moreover, this company is a HIPAA Compliant platform that can provide you with an ESA letter.

Pricing Policy

We always pay attention to money, so what can CertaPet offer in this regard? As we have already mentioned, you won’t see the prices unless you complete the screening test. However, we managed to find some information. There are two options available for pet owners. They are the following:

  • an ESA Housing Letter;
  • an ESA Travel Letter.

According to reviews, the price for the housing letter is $149.99. The travel option costs the same amount of money.

After all, CertaPet seems to be one of the most expensive service providers in this market niche. Moreover, you have to order and pay for two separate documents to use the full benefit. This fact makes the company’s services even pricier when compared to other players in the market.

However, cheaper doesn’t mean better. With CertaPet and its kind-hearted customer care team, you can always be sure you get premium services that are absolutely safe. If you want to avoid a scam and get professional help, this company is a perfect choice.

Bottom Line

CertaPet provides valid and certified ESA letters for all purposes. This is a simple yet effective way to keep your four-legged buddy with you whenever you need it. The whole process is fast and easy.

All necessary steps can be completed online, meaning you may apply for your letter without leaving your home. With super professional specialists that can be found via their site, an ESA letter won’t be a problem. While the price might be a bit high, it is quite affordable.

Pros CertaPet

  • all services are compliant with federal regulations;
  • the application is completed online;
  • they offer excellent customer care;
  • it’s completely legit;
  • the process is fast and easy.

Cons CertaPet

  • the services can be expensive for some pet owners;
  • you’ll need to fill in your personal details to get info about prices.

5 thoughts on “CertaPet Reviews: Legitimate Or Not?”

  1. Jazmine Watson

    Depression, loneliness, and disappointment in life – all these phenomena were constant companions of my life after I lost my husband. The world ceased to exist for me. One day, on my way home from the store, I was followed by a puppy that I couldn’t part with any more. He gave me back the joy of life. I even wanted to rent a new apartment to start a new life. But landlords rent an apartment with the condition “no pets”. What should I do?

    1. It’s great that you found the meaning of life again. Believe me, you are also very important for your new furry friend. That is why you should not part with him. Of course, there is the option to find other housing. But if you liked the apartment that has the condition “no pets”, you should ask for help from CertaPet.
      This online service will definitely help you get all the documents for moving into a new apartment with your favorite pet. This will be done by legal methods.

  2. Trevor M. Alexander

    I love to travel. I also adore my dog named Bear. I named him that because of his real resemblance to a bear. My dog is big and fluffy. He is more than a friend or family member for me. So I can’t allow him to be put in a cage and sent to the baggage compartment while I’m comfortably flying in the cabin. But the flight rules prohibit taking large dogs on board the plane. Can I count on CertaPet’s help in solving this problem?

    1. Your desire to do everything possible to make your pet travel in comfort is quite reasonable. Even though there are restrictions that prohibit taking large dogs on board the plane, you can still count on a joint trip with Bear.
      You should contact the online service CertaPet. Its staff will carry out all the necessary work to find a qualified specialist for you.
      He will help you in the receiving of the ESA letter. Besides, the site provides detailed information about ESAs.

  3. My former landlord demanded to move out after he knew that I had a pet. I couldn’t find a suitable housing option, as all landlords put forward the same “NO PETS” requirement. But I couldn’t leave my dog for a place to live. I was ready to stay in the street. Buddy was my only friend who helped me cope with depression. I contacted CertaPet for help. I am very grateful for this service. It helped me get permission to move into a new apartment with Buddy. It took quite a bit of time.

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