Honest Paws Reviews: Will It Help Your Pup? Update 2020

Honest Paws Reviews: Will It Help Your Pup?

We all want our precious pets to be full of energy, and here is where Honest Paws can help. But what do we know about their solutions? And how does CBD affect our fluffy friends? Today, we present a comprehensive review to help you make a wise choice.

CBD is on the rise in this day and age. Millions of people from all over the globe are searching for a ‘magic pill’ to soothe tension and enhance stress resistance in this crazy world. Moreover, many individuals who experience various types of pain also benefit from CBD. As we’ve seen the amazing results in humans, we started questioning whether our pets can use it too. Moreover, the number of CBD substances for pets is impressive as this field is blowing up right now. But is CBD useful for domestic animals? What consequences can you foresee? And, last but not least, what about adverse reactions?

We are planning to get answers by examining one of the best-known brands all over the world. We’ll analyze all key characteristics of this formula to provide you with all the necessary information. But let’s start from the very beginning. Can canines and cannabidiol be combined?

Does CBD Work For Domestic Animals?

While many people of any age use CBD to soothe their symptoms, caring pet parents have doubts about it: whether they should give cannabidiol to their little friends or not. In this situation, we desperately need to stick to science and leave anecdotal reports behind.

One research from 2018 examined the painkilling features of CBD in pooches with osteoarthritis. Scientists treated canines with various doses of cannabidiol and assessed the outcomes. Did it help the pets? Yes! 80% of the canines demonstrated significant improvement in their mobility, plus it was able to lower the pain levels.

According to another study conducted in 2019, CBD improved epilepsy symptoms in canines. Pooches administered CBD along with seizure meds had considerably less frequent seizures than the pups that took seizure meds plus a placebo.

While these studies could be not enough for final conclusions, it is obvious that CBD can be incredibly beneficial for your little friends. Hundreds of satisfied customers prove that cannabidiol can change the everyday life of your sweet pooch for the better.

Honest Paws: What Is That?

Honest Paws is a world-renowned brand that provides pet parents with a bunch of CBD solutions. This company has quickly become one of the most successful names in the oversaturated hemp market. Moreover, it has an excellent reputation and applies CO2 extraction technology to manufacture its CBD. They offer a broad selection of CBD pet formulas, such as oils and yummy dog treats. Why can it be useful for your pups?

CBD can be incredibly helpful in various situations. Does your tiny pooch shake during thunders and storms? Or is it afraid of fireworks? Maybe your pup whines desperately when alone at home? All these problems can be solved with CBD. If your beloved pet gets anxious from time to time, CBD solutions are just what they need.

The oil is a 100% natural, all-purpose product that is constantly tested by independent laboratories to guarantee the best quality. Whether you want to deliver your pooch a sense of relaxation, boost mobility, offer pain relief, or just promote well-being, it is a reliable remedy that will fit your pooch’s needs.

Humans should take care of their health too. . It’s a safe and effective supplement that will allow you to burn fat faster.

What’s Inside?

The company is famous for its quality, so you can be sure that you’ll get the premium formula without any harmful additives, such as preservatives or dangerous pesticides.

Similar to their other solutions, this product is created from elite hemp, and the results of numerous laboratory tests confirm the top quality.

They grow hemp in beautiful Colorado, plus don’t use any artificial fertilizers to raise the plants. To be specific, their hemp is 100% natural with the purity ensured by third-party auditors.

Perks Of Honest Paws

As we’ve already known, CBD is packed with benefits for people, but what about pets? What does the oil exactly do to help your beloved pups to feel better? We need to mention that CBD can enhance health in numerous ways. Here are some of them.

Physical condition

CBD activates natural inflammatory capabilities which allow the body to ease occasional discomfort and joint pain. If your pet takes the solution regularly, it promotes joint health and boosts mobility. It is particularly crucial for senior dogs.

Nerve health

This CBD oil supports the neural system, strengthening the cognitive abilities of your little friend.

Psychological comfort

If you are keen to make your dog happy, the CBD oils are here to help. This solution harmonizes mood patterns, lowers stress levels, and solves sleep problems.


As a loving pet owner, you want our furry companion to live their lives to the fullest. With the help of CBD, your beloved pets will be able to move and play freely and without pain.

The Usage

As the oil is super effective and absolutely natural, you can use it for many purposes. Here are several approaches to incorporating this product into your pet’s daily routine.

You can administer CBD to your pet daily. Once your puppy consumes the solution, it begins to work as a natural neurotransmitter to lessen discomfort, improve relaxation, promote sound sleep, and improve overall health. Moreover, this solution is perfect for senior pups whose defensive systems begin to fail.

CBD oil can be used for fast relief too. The great news about this solution is that it is non-habit forming, and you can use it every day without risking your dog’s mental health.

It is possible to use CBD oil to enhance your dog’s health. One of the most wonderful advantages of this amazing brand is that their oils have better absorption rates than others. The remedies are all-natural therefore there is no way you harm your fluffy kids.

The Dosage

When it comes to dosage, you should remember that every pet is unique, that’s why you will have to experiment. Unlike artificial pills, the proper amount of cannabidiol is an art, not a science. It means it is better to start with a lower amount and wait for a while. In some cases, you’ll need to double the amount to see the result.

Here are several tips for beginners:

  • for small dogs under 25 lbs, they advise 5mg of CBD a day;
  • for canines over 25 but under 50 lbs, the dose is 10mg of CBD a day;
  • for big pups over 50 lbs, they advise 15mg of CBD a day.

At the same time, everything depends on your pet. Some dogs require less or more CBD to feel the effects. If your pup has never taken CBD before, it is advised to begin with half the amount. Then, you can double the dose if necessary.

Your canine might respond well to 50% of the advised amount, so it will be enough.  Nevertheless, if you don’t spot any changes in your pet’s condition, it’s possible to give it the full, recommended dose.

What Are The Adverse Reactions?

As this solution is completely natural, it is completely safe and doesn’t cause any adverse reactions.  This supplement is manufactured from all-natural hemp oil. However, your pooch may develop an allergic reaction, if it is sensitive to hemp. The only side effect would be drowsiness.

You may want to understand what to do if your pooch is taking other pills. As it turns out these formulas are safe as they won’t interfere with any other meds that are prescribed.

How To Purchase Honest Paws CBD

Honest Paws presents CBD oils for various purposes and in different sizes. Once you define your needs, you can quickly purchase the solution on the official site. You will also find comprehensive information about all the possible choices there.

CBD for canines (the wellness option) comes in different packages:

  1. Small (125mg) for pups less than 25 lbs. It costs $39.95.
  2. Medium (250mg) for pups from 25 to 50 lbs. It costs $49.95;
  3. Large (500mg) for pups over 50 lbs. You’ll need to pay $79.95 for this package.

Final Thoughts

You’ll find plenty of providers that sell pet CBD solutions on the Internet, but only several manufacturers prioritize animals. Honest Paws hasn’t attempted to compete on the general cannabidiol scene. Instead, it concentrates only on pets, trying its best. Although the selection of CBD solutions isn’t enormous, all the remedies are definitely among the best. Generally, they offer more than enough stuff for pet parents to pamper their fluffy friends and keep them happy.

The oils are super useful for your dogs, boosting their physical and mental wellness. The solutions give your fluffy companions an opportunity to move with no pain and live without stress.

Overall, they are a true leader in the CBD market, and it is obvious to see why. With no serious drawbacks, their various CBD oils are worth your attention. Make your pup a bit happier!

Pros Honest Paws

  • you can select from a wide array of dose options ;
  • the results are fast;
  • the solutions are super easy;
  • the site provides excellent info on CBD;
  • customer service is really helpful;
  • the solutions are checked in independent labs.

Cons Honest Paws

  • you’ll need to experiment with the dosage;
  • the products might seem a bit pricey.

5 thoughts on “Honest Paws Reviews: Will It Help Your Pup?”

  1. Unfortunately, the environment we live in only gets worse over time. This negatively affects not only people but also animals. I am very worried about my dog (maybe even more than about myself) and want to protect him from any harmful effects. The vet advised me to use supplements for pets. But I’m at a loss because the market offers a lot of products. What kind of supplement to choose so as not to harm the dog?

    1. Your desire to maintain the health of the dog is very justified in modern conditions. But do not rush to buy supplements for dogs, because there are many fakes on the market today. The health benefits of CBD for dogs have been scientifically proven. This is the key component in the composition of Honest Paws.
      You can buy this product on the official website and do not worry about the health of your pet. The product has been clinically tested in independent laboratories.

  2. I read a lot about the benefits of CBD for human health, and later learned that this substance can also have several benefits for dogs. I know that Honest Paws is a well-known brand that provides many CBD solutions specifically for dogs. But I want to know in which cases this supplement is recommended for pets.
    Can it be considered not only effective but also safe for the dog?

    1. CBD does have some health and wellness benefits for dogs.
      This has been proven in the course of scientific research. Honest Paws oil, which contains CBD, is recommended to improve the physical and emotional state of the pet. Its regular use can reduce joint pain (if present), support the nervous system, strengthen cognitive abilities, as well as reduce stress levels, and improve the dog’s mood.
      The composition of the oil is natural, so be sure of its safety.

  3. Six months ago, I began to notice that my dog became sedentary. At first, this did not bother me but, I was very worried about the condition of my pet after he ate little and lay down almost all the time for a week.
    I chose Honest Paws oil as a solution to problems. It was great that I was able to find the right solution thanks to the availability of detailed information on the site. The use of CBD oil gave a great result. My dog became cheerful, active, and almost always hungry again.

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