Interceptor Plus Soft Chews for Dogs Reviews: Does it Work?

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What do we know about Interceptor Plus? It always appears when you try to search for heart-worm prevention in dogs. Is it effective? Is it safe? Is it worth its price? In the review, we are going to answer all these questions. But before let’s find out what the heart-worm infection is.

Heart-worm infection is a serious pet disease caused by parasites Dirofilaria immitis. The disease carrier is mosquitoes. The parasitic worms live mainly in the blood vessels of heart and lungs of their host resulting in different pulmonary diseases, cardiac failure, severe damages to other organs and even death.

Veterinarians recommend dog keepers to check their pets for heart worms every year and feed them anti-parasitic medications at least for half a year. One of them is Interceptor Plus. According to numerous testimonials, these soft chews are one of the best available in the market. So, let’s find out whether it’s true or not.

What Is “Interceptor Plus”?

“Interceptor Plus” by Elanco is a parasiticide medicine for dogs used in treating, controlling and preventing five different types of worms, including a heart worm, adult worms of ascaride, ancylostomiasis, whip-worm and cestoid worm. It’s produced in the form of chewing pills for easy dosing and feeding.

Interceptor Plus Soft Chews suit dogs of different ages, breeds and sizes. There are four product forms depending on the dog’s weight. Boxes with chews differ in colors: orange is for dogs weighting 1-3.5 kg, green – 3.6-11 kg, yellow – 11-22 kg, blue – 22.1-45.5 kg. One box contain twelve pills for a one-year protection.

Be aware that the medication is prescribed by a veterinarian. So, before using it, consult with your vet doctor and perform a heart-worm test.

The List of Active Ingredients

There are just 2 active components – Milbemycin Oxime (also called Interceptor) and Praziquantel. The first one is a broad spectrum anti-parasitic agent used against worms and acaridans. It activates chloride channels sensitive to glutamate in neurocytes and muscle cells of parasites, resulting in hyperpolarization of mentioned cells and interrupting of signal transferring.

The second active ingredient is also used against parasitic worm infections. The mechanism of Praziquantel action is not fully researched even now. But what we know for sure, it paralyses parasites dislodging them from the dog’s organism.

Is Interceptor Plus Safe?

Interceptor Plus Soft Chews are safe for use in case of proper dose administration. Some side effects may occur in case of overdose. Possible concurrent reactions you can check below.

Does It Work Effectively?

In a controlled lab test, Interceptor Plus has appeared to be absolutely effective against worm infections in dogs (in particular a heart worm infection).

Usage And Dosage of “Interceptor Plus” Soft Chews

The parasiticide is for oral administration. You should give it to your pet just once per month. The minimum dose is 0.5 mg of active ingredients for 1 kg of weight. Therefore, to make dosing easier for you, there are four product strengths sold in different boxes (check the description of Interceptor Plus above). One tablet includes the necessary amount of active ingredients.

Make sure your 4-legged friend chews the tablet instead of just swallowing it. Interceptor Plus works more effectively this way. You can add the product to your pet’s food if you cannot make it chew.

Possible Concurrent Reactions

Unfortunately, there are some second-order reactions possible:

  • retching;
  • alvine flux;
  • loginess;
  • depression state;
  • decomposition of movement;
  • loss of appetite;
  • convulsions.

Noticing one of the mentioned side effects in your pet, consult with your vet doctor.

Precaution Measures For “Interceptor Plus”

There are certain precaution measures to follow:

  • Consult with your vet doctor about the interaction of Interceptor Plus Soft Chews with any other medications (in case your dog is taking them) and food or food supplements.
  • Get a consultation from your vet doctor on the use of this parasiticide in case your dog is a nurse dam or used for breeding.
  • For complete heart-worm disease prevention, a six-month treatment is recommended.
  • Don’t consume it yourself!
  • Keep away from children’s reach.
  • Store the product in a dry place at indoor temperature (+15-25°C).

Where to Buy? What Is The Price?

You can purchase the pills both online and in specialized stores. But you need to have a prescription from your vet doctor. The average price is between 70 and 73 dollars. The delivery is usually made within 1-3 working days.

Buyers’ Comments On Interceptor Plus Soft Chews

What I like about this product is that you need to give it just once a month. And it’s really effective. None of our heart-worm tests have been ever failed.

Rudra Wagner (Jan 3, 2021).

Interceptor Plus is quite easy to feed. I usually mix it with my dog’s food, so he doesn’t even notice anything and consume it with no problems.

Kiana Stephens (Jan 20, 2021).

I need to warn you, there may be a delay in your prescription approval if you buy these soft chews online. But as for the rest, Interceptor Plus is a good and effective medication.

Samson Wallis (Dec 12, 2020).


Interceptor Plus Soft Chews for dogs is a reliable solution for worm infection prevention in your favourite pet. Of course, there are both advantages and disadvantages.

PROS Interceptor Plus

  • This anti-parasitic medication can be used for controlling and prevention of five different types of worm infections.
  • It’s effective.
  • Interceptor Plus is available both online and in specialized stores.
  • You need to give it to your pet just once per month.

CONS Interceptor Plus

  • There are side effects reported (check the list mentioned before). If you observe some of them in your dog, contact the veterinarian.
  • You need a prescription to buy the product.

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  1. Interceptor Plus has been working great. My dog had heartworms and after the Vet got rid of them he prescribed Interceptor Plus as a preventative for heartworms and all other worms. Dog loves the stuff.

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