Petly CBD Reviews: It Actually Works! Update 2020

Petly CBD Reviews: Actually Works or Just FAKE? [Updated Post]

Located in California, Petly CBD is a new name in the hemp industry, but it has already managed to build a sterling reputation.  What distinguishes this company from other competitors is that they concentrate exclusively on domestic animals.

CBD is widely used all over the globe right now, as it is able to relieve health conditions that unfortunately, can’t be cured by traditional medications. However, humans shouldn’t be the only creatures, who are able to take cannabidiol to good use.

CBD in various forms can improve the health of your beloved little buddies in a matter of minutes. If your poor pooch or kitty has epilepsy or suffers from arthritis, they can consume CBD to decrease the number of seizures as well as reduce pain levels. Moreover, CBD solutions can relieve anxiety and help to handle aggression. You can promote sleep health with these substances, and, believe us, your pets deserve a full night’s sleep.

You have probably heard a lot about the perks of CBD for us, human beings. Nevertheless, you should be more careful when you are seeking CBD remedies for domestic animals. Numerous sellers online and offline offer various CBD solutions; however, these tinctures might not be as useful as they promise in their advertisements. These solutions may not lead to the desired results. Some poor-quality CBD-based solutions may include an excessive amount of THC, which could be harmful to your big and small pets.

Another reason to think twice before choosing any supplements for pets is that your four-legged companion might not be able to show any adverse effects or discomfort caused by a second-rate CBD. Therefore, it is better to pick a specialized enterprise that produces solutions for animals.

Today, we’ll look closer at CBD production, and we hope our comprehensive review will allow you to make a wise decision.

What Is Petly CBD?

Petly is a young but already reputable brand in the CBD world. But what makes it so special? Once again, Petly doesn’t compete with the firms that produce CBD for everyone. Instead of that, it fills the niche in the market.

Based in sunny California, the company is proud of its 100% natural, well-formulated solutions and advanced technologies. With a well-organized site and an attractive offer, it has already won thousands of hearts. They make their tinctures from top-notch all-organic hemp from wonderful Colorado and regularly make internal and external lab analyses to verify the quality.

With all these advantages, the company is certainly one of the most desirable choices for loving pet parents.

What Does It Offer?

Although Petly isn’t a very big company, it offers almost everything that a caring pet owner needs. It manufactures several types of CBD substances for our animal kids. All the solutions are manufactured utilizing only the original CBD essence that doesn’t include THC. Moreover, they are specially created to appeal to our fluffy friends.

Here are a few options that Petly has on its site.

For small dogs

This CBD option is created for small pooches. It carries 125 mg of CBD in each 30 ml bottle. How to understand whether it is proper for your pup? If your dog is less than 24 pounds, this liquid is ideal for you. The solution also contains refined coconut oil, and it is also absolutely natural.

For medium dogs

This solution is for bigger pups. If your pup is over 24 pounds but under 50 pounds, this solution is for you. It carries 250 mg of CBD in each 30 ml bottle. The solution is also blended with the base oil. The recommended amount for medium pooches is around 8.3 mg of CBD.

For large dogs

This liquid is for really big guys. It includes 500 mg of CBD in each bottle. If your pup is heavier than 50 pounds, pick this solution. The recommended amount for such puppies is 16.6 mg of CBD. Like the previous ones, it is blended with pure coconut oil.

For felines

If you are a cat person and have them in your family, CBD can also be helpful. Petly manufactures a CBD solution that targets kitties to boost their health.  It includes 125 mg of CBD blended with pure (and useful!) coconut oil. The recommended amount is one dropper, which means around 4.1 mg of CBD.

CBD treats

If you are planning to pamper your doggies, opt for healthy and super delicious yummies. The manufacturer produces fantastic treats that include CBD to make your pups more youthful energetic. Each treat contains 2 mg of CBD.

Manufactured with tons of ingredients pooches love including beef liver, sweet potato, brewer’s yeast, flaxseed oil, and bacon flavor, these snacks will become your favorites.

All the products don’t contain harmful THC substances that can worsen your dog’s mental stability.

What’s Inside?

When it comes to ingredients, Petly CBD prefers to keep things simple. They use only two components to generate CBD oils. It consists of hemp coconut oils. Both substances are free of harmful additives. Plus, coconut oil is packed with nutrients, meaning your doggy will be healthier and more active.

CBD Dog Treats contain more components we’ve already mentioned, but all of them are organic. Many customers who purchased the treats wrote that their four-legged buddies have fallen in love with snacks from the first bite!

If you are searching for a decent CBD relief for your fluffy fellow, you can also consider Honest Paws. This well-known brand also produces CBD solutions for different pets and has a strong reputation among pet parents.

Reasons To Choose Petly CBD

Once you decide to select Petly, you need to know why this brand is worth your attention. The company relies on science which is crucial for the whole CBD industry. They constantly research how various substances can influence the body systems and what measures should be taken to make the recipes beneficial for health.  Here are several other reasons to select them.

The oils are 100% organic

Growing hemp can be really difficult, but Petly does everything possible to guarantee not only top quality but also safety. Rising under the blue sky of Colorado, hemp isn’t fertilized harmful substances. Their farmers work under strict instructions and utilize 100% organic agricultural practices.

They use the most effective technologies

After the plants are collected, they are dried and stoked. Once the factory requires them for production, they are ground into powder. The whole process meets all the regulations and requirements in the area.


The hemp oil is packed with a wide spectrum of various cannabinoids, and their brand-new technology allows them to keep all necessary compounds inside.


During this stage, oil is derived to separate the hemp essence from the ethanol utilized in the process.  They are among a few companies that use only food-grade ethanol.


Petly takes refreshing very seriously. It removes even minor traces of harmful substances, making the products absolutely safe to use.

Constant testing

They test all solutions for quality, so you can be sure that your pet is getting only top CBD products.

They take care of all pets

Petly gives $1 of every product sold to domestic animals in need. Their mission is not only to help pet parents with CBD supplements but also to lend a helping hand to pets in trouble

What Are The Adverse Effects?

The CBD supplements from Petly are entirely natural, meaning they are safe and don’t result in any adverse reactions. This product contains 100% hemp oil. Nevertheless, bear in mind that your pup or kitty may develop an allergic reaction if it is sensitive to hemp. The only adverse reaction would be drowsiness.

If your pet is completely new to cannabidiol, begin with lower amounts, and consult with your veterinarian if necessary.

Where To Get Petly CBD Products

Petly offers CBD oils in different sizes. Once you determine your needs and preferences, you can easily buy the solution on the website. Several options are available:

  1. The CBD solution for small pups costs $39.99.
  2. The same solution for medium pooches is $49.99.
  3. The CBD oil for big dogs costs $79.99.
  4. The product for felines can be purchased for $39.99.
  5. CBD Treats could be bought just for $29.99 per one package (25 treats).

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Petly offers excellent CBD solutions for both kitties and doggies. All their solutions are packed with not only CBD but nutrients that can be advantageous for your pet. Moreover, they are full of love and you can feel it from the first moments on their official page on the Internet. Their effective solutions and kind-hearted customer care team demonstrate their commitment toward our four-legged buddies. Only premium hemp raised in picturesque Colorado has a chance to be used by Petly, and the final extract is refined carefully to assure that it doesn’t contain THC.

Petly controls the whole process starting from growing the plants, distillation to the packaging. And besides, they make the world better too, contributing to charities. Their packages are super pet-proof. The bottles are strong enough to survive the tooth of dogs.

In general, we recommend Petly over other famous CBD brands as they focus exclusively on pets. In addition to this, they earned positive feedback from pet parents.


  • they focus specifically on pets;
  • CBD is manufactured as and when required;
  • CBD is blended with useful coconut oil;
  • all solutions are checked by independent laboratories.


  • you’ll have to experiment with the amount;
  • the solutions are pricier.

5 thoughts on “Petly CBD Reviews: Actually Works or Just FAKE? [Updated Post]”

  1. I have heard that cannabidiol is widely used in medicine as a remedy that can relieve the condition of patients in cases where other medications are ineffective. Today I studied the composition of Petly CBD and found cannabidiol in its composition. Did this substance begin to be used to improve the condition of pets? How does it work in the dog’s body? Does Petly CBD safe?

    1. CBD is a substance found in the cannabis plant. It has been widely used in medicine and today is actively used to improve the condition of pets. Petly CBD is available for dogs of various sizes. The product can eliminate joint pain, reduce aggression, and increase appetite.
      Petly CBD is made only from natural ingredients in strict accordance with current USA quality standards. You don’t have to worry about your dog’s safety if you choose Petly CBD.

  2. I decided that Toby (that’s the name of my favorite dog) needs help in maintaining health with the onset of winter. I spent a lot of time trying to find a decent pet supplement. I chose Petly CBD, after studying its composition. It is natural. The fact that there were different versions of the product for pets of different weights and sizes convinced me to purchase it. The manufacturer uses different approaches and this pleases. Toby is full of strength and energy!

  3. Caleb Henderson

    I am looking for a natural supplement that will help improve the well-being of my cat. The fact is that she began to behave aggressively and practically does not eat anything. Ashley refuses to eat even her favorite food. I’m very worried about her.
    But I don’t want to buy unverified products so as not to harm the cat even more.
    Tell me if Petly CBD is suitable for cats or is this product made exclusively for dogs?

    1. You were right not to ignore the changes in the cat’s behavior. Aggression and decreased appetite are problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible. CBD, a substance that is increasingly used to treat pets, can eliminate aggression and restore your cat’s appetite. Petly CBD for cats contains cannabidiol (or CBD) and coconut oil. This product can improve the condition of Ashley with the right dosages. Read the instructions carefully before using the product.

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