Galliprant Tablets for Dogs Reviews: Is It Really The Best?

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This article is a must-read review on Galliprant Tablets that might help you with deciding on the best possible way of treating your dog’s joint pain.

One of the most common disease dogs and their owners have to deal with is osteoarthritis (also known as mixed arthritis). About a fifth part of all domestic dogs is suffering from it regardless their age, size and breed. The worst thing about osteoarthritis is that the condition of your four-legged friend gets worse some time later and you cannot stop this process.

Moreover, you cannot cure the disease completely. The only thing you can do for your fur baby is to minimize its pain and provide more comfort. Galliprant Tablets is one of the ways reliving joint pains. According to numerous testimonials, it’s one of the most effective medication available in the market. So, let’s find out more about these tablets.

Galliprant Tablets: What Is It?

Galliprant Tablets by Elanco is an anti-inflammatory treatment formulated for curing oesteoarthritis and joint pain in dogs. The medication relives your pet’s aches and improves its overall condition. It’s produced in the form of tablets what makes oral administration easier.

The pills have three different strengths – 20 mg, 60 mg and 100 mg of active ingredient per a tablet. The amount of tablets in a box also differs. Thus, there are packages with 1, 30 and 90 pills.

Remember that this is a prescribed medication. You cannot buy it without your veterinarian’s prescription.

Is This Medication Safe?

Yes, it is safe for use in dogs and can be given with other medications such as antibiotic substances, anti-parasitic pills, bacterination and so on.

Active Ingredients of Galliprant Tablets for Dogs

There is just one active component called grapiprant. It’s used for treating of mixed arthritis caused by inflammation. The ingredient blocks receptor neurons responsible for pain decreasing the pain level and influencing the inflammatory process in joints.

Grapiprant was tested and proven to be safe for daily use and effective.

Precaution Measures

There is a list of precaution measures to follow:

  1. Do not consume Galliprant Tablets yourself and do not try to treat with them other animals. It’s designed specifically for dogs.
  2. Keep the medication away from children’s reach.
  3. Store the tablets in a dry place at room temperature (+15-25°C).
  4. For a long-term usage, keep visit your veterinarian and monitor your dog’s condition.
  5. It’s forbidden for use in dogs with allergies on the main active ingredient or similar antiphlogistic pills.
  6. It’s recommended for giving to dogs older than nine months and weighting more than 3.5 kilos.
  7. It’s not advised to give Galliprant Tablets to dogs that are used for breeding or are nurse dams.

Possible Adverse Reactions On Galliprant Tablets

The most widespread side effects reported are retching, alvine flux, loss of appetite and loginess. Noticing some of these adverse reactions, contact with your vet doctor.

Usage And Dosage

Galliprant Pills are for daily oral use. You have to give it to your pet just once a day. The minimum dose is 2 mg of grapiprant per 1 kg of dog’s weight. Sometimes, you will have to divide a pill into half. You can mix it with your dog food to make administration easier.

Before using the medication, consult with your veterinarian about your dog’s needs, response to the treatment and overall condition. Maybe, you will have to change the strength over time.

Where to Buy Galliprant Tablets For Dogs

We strongly recommend buying this antiphlogistic from the Chewy store due to their special auto-ship offer. But you can also find Galliprant Tablets by Elanco on other online platforms. The delivery is usually made within 1-3 working days.


Depending on the seller, the price is in the range of 78 to 81 dollars.

Buyers’ Comments On Galliprant Tablets

I have an American pugabull named Kris. He’s 10 years old now, but still quite active, especially in the morning. I guess, half a year ago I began to notice changes in his behavior. He barely moved during evenings and couldn’t even walk up to his pet bowl. I tried different joint supplements, but they didn’t work. I consulted with our vet, and she suggested Galliprant Tablets. In less then a week after the first administration, I can see the changes. No hobbling, puling or whatsoever. My Kris moves all day long like a puppy.

Morwenna Woodcock (Jan 5, 2021).


As for me, the only disadvantage is the price. It’s a little bit higher than in other anti-inflammatory medications, but I understand why. The results are amazing. I can literally see and feel the relief of my dog. Thanks a lot to the manufacturer!

Codie Chester (Oct 30, 2020).


My 5-year-old golden retriever was diagnosed with oesteoarthritis. Nobody expected that, to be honest, especially in his age. We were immediately prescribed with Galliprant Tablets. I have been giving it to my dog for 6 months now, and he’s doing just great. He’s still active, keeps moving all the time. No signs of joint pain. I’m fully satisfied with the product.

Patience Cervantes (Dec 1, 2020).


This is a great product. These tablets are really effective and not that expensive regarding the amazing results. The only problem was with a prescription. But I think, it’s normal for ordering online. There was a delay in the prescription’s approval. So I received the medication 4 days later than I expected. Nevertheless, I’m satisfied.

Caris Callegos (Jan 7, 2021).


10 out of 10, an amazing product! My 8-year-old newfoundland wouldn’t move for several days in a row because of severe pain. Pain killers didn’t work. But these Galliprant Tablets are deffinetly a wonder. Now my baby moves again. Not as active as when he was young, but still!

Bernice Laying (Jul 27, 2020).


Galliprant Tablets work perfectly for my beagle Sandy. She has inflammatory arthropathy in her spine. These pills help her to move easier and decrease the swelling in the back area. I’m thankful to the manufacturer and I guess, Sandy is too.

Sebastian Emerson (Jan 18, 2021).

To Sum Up

Galliprant Tablets for dogs are proven to be effective and safe for daily use. According to buyers’ feedback, these pills work better than other anti-inflammatory treatments. Of course, there are still some benefits and drawbacks to discuss.

PROS Galliprant Tablets for Dogs

  • It relives joint pain in your dog and helps to make its life more comfortable.
  • The medication has different strengths, so the dosing is a lot easier this way.
  • There are no specific or harmful interactions with other medications.
  • It’s available on numerous platforms, so it’s not a problem to find and order it.

CONS Galliprant Tablets for Dogs

  • You can not order the medicine without a prescription.
  • There are side effects reported.
  • You can give it to dogs older than nine months and weighting more than 3.5 kilos only!
  • Galliprant Tablets aren’t for pets with allergies on the main active ingredient or similar antiphlogistic pills.

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