Puppy training: effective methods from dog handlers

Puppy training: effective methods from dog handlers, teach teams at home

All about puppy training

A dog that lives next to a person must obey certain rules of behavior. Lack of training, of course, is not the dog’s problem, but the owner’s, so teaching the dog basic commands is one of the main responsibilities of the owner.

When a puppy appears in the house, it is primarily trained in behavior with family members and hygiene. But social behavior and obedience are the main skills that distinguish a well-bred domestic dog. The puppy learns quickly, remembers commands and, through education and training, the dog owner establishes contact with the dog.

The earlier you start training with a dog, with simple commands, the easier it will be to live side by side. In the process of training, when the owner spends a lot of time with the pet, the dog develops a trusting relationship with the owner, provided that both of them enjoy training.

What commands should a dog know when it grows up
First of all, the training of a puppy begins with memorizing the nickname. It’s hard to even call it a team, but memorizing a nickname is the beginning of learning. An adult dog living in a city must obey the rules of human society.

Each owner must teach the pet basic obedience commands. Mandatory knowledge of basic commands applies not only to large dogs, even a small Terrier is required to follow forbidden orders and the command “to me”. First of all, it is the safety of your pet in the city.

The first thing you need to learn the dog after the nickname – “no”, ” no ” or “fu”. Which word to pronounce is the host’s choice. The pet does not care what word means the immediate termination of any action, the owner can use absolutely any word for this-for example, “peony”, in any language, with any set of sounds and syllables. Of course, it is better that the ban command is sonorous – such words are pronounced faster and easier to remember.
In addition, it is necessary to teach the dog the command “to me!” – this is a very important element on which trust is built. A dog won’t approach a person it doesn’t trust. The command “to me” – can sometimes save the life of an animal if the dog suddenly broke off the leash and ran into the road.
The “place” command is also mandatory for training. But it is necessary solely for the convenience of the owner. Each dog has a certain place in the house where it spends the most time and where it feels safe. Going to the place should not be a punishment, because she returns to the place where she will feel at ease.
The necessary commands also include the basic “sit”, “lie”, “next to”. These orders will make life easier for the dog owner, both during walking and at home.

home training

The most popular types of training are positive and negative reinforcement and imitation. These methods are related. It is extremely difficult to achieve good results using only one of the methods.

The negative reinforcement method involves the use of parthos, garrotes, and electric shock collars (ESHO). These devices are used either through the remote control – as ESHO, or using different forces of jerks. Soft ammunition can also affect the dog and this method is preferable, it is less traumatic and more humane.
In addition, ignoring the dog is also a method of negative reinforcement: for a dog, nothing in the world is more important than the attention of the owner.

The essence of negative reinforcement is to stop an undesirable action or correct an undesirable behavior.

Positive reinforcement, on the other hand, encourages correct behavior. Using this method, apply Goodies, game, praise of the owner. In the first stages of education, it is better to combine several conditions – for example, be sure to praise and treat, or praise and play. Praising your pet for proper behavior is a must throughout the dog’s life. For a pet, there is no greater pleasure than to please the owner. Over time, praise will become an independent form of encouragement and will no longer require either a treat or a game.
Imitation is also a fairly effective training method. It consists in the fact that the dog copies the behavior of another animal, transfers any behavior to itself. During the period of socialization, a young dog begins to associate itself with a certain creature, depending on who is around it. If a dog lives with a cat from the first month of life, then it is likely that it will identify itself with a cat, if with dogs – then it considers itself to be a dog world. Therefore, it is very important not to take the puppy away from the mother and fellow tribesmen too early, so that the dog learns to identify itself correctly.
All of the above techniques are used in a complex way. It is impossible to fully train a dog using only the same method. The imitation method works well, but not everyone can afford to keep several animals. Then you can invite friends to class with an adult, well-behaved dog.

how to train a puppy yourself

First stage: training the main teams
of ” Fu»
The forbidding team is the most important stage of training. It is one of the main skills after the nickname.

Training is based on the principle of carrot and stick. A loud exclamation of “fu” is accompanied by negative reinforcement – a jerk with a leash, a slap on the rump with a newspaper. Immediately after the termination of the undesirable action-positive reinforcement (praise, treat, toy).

It is better to start practicing the skill at home, to learn to spit out toys, as if exchanging a toy for food. You can simulate a feed toss on the street. Feeding a puppy with your hands on the paddock “accidentally” drop a piece. As soon as the pet tries to pick up food, you need to stop it by holding the dog and command “fu”. Immediately give another piece of Goodies from your hands. Systematic repetition of this exercise, in practice, shows a positive result. In addition, you can train your dog to eat from his bowl only after the command “you can”. This will help the puppy understand that all food belongs to the owner, and you can not take it until the command is given.

The pet quickly detects the connection between behavior, prohibition of action, execution of a command and receiving a treat. And also quickly learn how to execute a command.

In the training of any team, the main thing is consistency. You can’t allow it once, then deny it, and then allow it again. Only a constant identical reaction to the same action will allow you to teach your pet to quickly follow orders.

A dog should have a place in the house. In which she feels comfortable-a cozy corner without drafts. It is desirable that the territory and the entrance door are viewed from the place, so the pet will be calmer. It is better if there was a wall on one side of the litter – a protected rear will add confidence to the animal.

You can’t punish a dog for misdeeds while it is on its own bed. The dog’s place should be associated only with positive emotions, if the puppy misbehaved and hid on the litter from punishment, all punitive measures should be stopped immediately.

In order for the dog to quickly remember the command “place” and have pleasant associations, you need to throw a piece of Goodies on the litter and say the command. Naturally, the puppy will run for food, while he eats, you need to come up, once again reinforcing the delicacy and praise “well done, place”. To consolidate the skill, the exercise should be repeated daily, several times a day.

The training of the teams

“To me!»
Another not unimportant command is “to me”. It is impossible to fully manage an animal in Urbana that does not know how to run up to the owner’s call. During the training of the order “to me” it is strictly forbidden to use negative reinforcement, otherwise the training will not just be delayed – the pet will completely refuse to approach the owner. You need to start training on a leash, only having 10 approaches out of 10, you can start letting the dog go.

Training takes place as follows:

When the dog is distracted and moved away from the owner or sniffed at someone’s mark, you need to say the name loudly or attract the pet’s attention in another way (whistling, clapping your hands).
As soon as the puppy’s attention is attracted, you need to clearly say “To me!” and start moving away from the dog, for kids it becomes a fun game of catch-up. Or show your pet a treat, if he is hungry-be sure to run for yummy food.
While the puppy is running, it is necessary to praise and encourage him with a cheerful voice.
When the puppy runs up, immediately give him food or start a short game, without ceasing to praise and stroke.
This command is learned very quickly – the dog enjoys not only receiving encouragement, but also the owner’s admiration.

“Give a paw”

training uses methods of positive and negative reinforcement. In the hand is taken a treat – what the dog loves most. The treat is clenched in his fist. Holding out your hand, you need to give the command “To me”, repeat it periodically.

The puppy will try to get a treat in different ways, will try to bite, lick, poke his nose. You should respond to incorrect behavior with a forbidden order (negative reinforcement). But as soon as the baby touches the paw to the hand, at the same time open your hand and give the food, praising the puppy.

Repeat 3-4 times, periodically changing the hand so that the dog follows the order from any hand.

Full article on this topic: “Teaching the command” Give me a paw!”: training methods from a dog handler”.

team give a paw

You need to take a piece of delicacy in your fist and bring it to the dog’s nose. Slowly move the hand with the piece from the muzzle up and back a little so that the pet, chasing the food, raises its head. At this point, you need to say the command “sit” and raise the treat a little higher. Trying to reach, the dog will sit down instinctively. If the dog is overexcited, started jumping, demanding to give food, you need to fix the head by the collar and put a little pressure on the croup. After completing the order, you must definitely encourage and give the “yummy”.

When the dog knows the command “Sit”, sit the puppy in front of you, showing the treat in your hand.

Say the command “Lie down” and lead the dog in front of the nose with the hand holding the treat down towards the front paws. The dog will instinctively stretch and lie down. As soon as the command is executed, repeat “Lie down”, immediately give the treat and praise.

When a dog sees an irritant-whether it is a cat, another dog, or an object-and starts barking, you need to command “Voice” and, while the dog is barking, praise and encourage. The puppy will not immediately understand why in some cases it is scolded for barking, and sometimes it is encouraged. The voice command should be given every time the dog barks, so that the action is fixed. If the dog starts barking without the command “Voice”, it should be ignored, completely ignoring this behavior.

Working out this command will allow you to correct unwanted behavior.

The “near” command is the only repeated command that needs to be uttered several times during the movement. The main position – the pet sits at the left leg of the guide. The beginning of the movement corresponds to the command. After uttering the order, you need to start moving, while at the same time not losing the puppy’s attention with a toy or a treat. In the first stages of training, you need to praise your pet every few steps. After successfully completed 2 – 3 meters, let go for a walk.

the team next

This command is most easily practiced with young dogs during the game. Throwing any objects (stick, ball, or favorite soft toy), command “Aport”. Reinforcement of the team in this case is getting the cherished toy.

Bring a toy can be trained by using the “Come to me” order immediately after the dog has picked up the aportirovochny item.

Second stage: learning of the unusual commands
Every owner wants to see their dog special, wants to teach it some unusual tricks. The desire to stand out is completely normal, because a well-bred dog is the pride of the owner and the envy of others.

to train this team, contact with the owner must be established on “excellent”. This simple trick is based solely on trust between the pet and the owner.

To practice the skill, you need to sit the dog in front of you, say the command “Kiss” and, with the delicacy clenched in your teeth, lean towards the dog. The correct execution of the order looks like this: the dog stands with its front paws on the chest and licks its lips. Fixing the skill in this case is encouraging the owner and getting a treat.

for training, you need to put your pet in front of you. Hold the treat in your hand in front of your pet’s nose, up and back a little. The dog will try to reach the food and as soon as it lifts its front paws off the surface, command “Serve” and give encouragement.

Another training option may be mechanical impact. When the dog is sitting, you need to take it by the front paws with your hands and raise it to the level of the dog’s chest, at the same time a command is given. In the correct position, the treat is given, then you can let the dog go.

To teach a dog a funny trick “spin” you need to take a treat in your right hand, and use the hover method to make the pet turn around 360 degrees. Immediately after that, give the reward. Only after several repetitions can you link the dog’s actions with the team, when the animal already begins to understand what is wanted from it.

«Bow themselves»
Executing a command is like saying “lie Down”. The dog must stand calmly in front of the owner. After giving the command “Bow”, hold the hand with the food down towards the front paws. When the dog stubbornly lowers the croup in an attempt to lie down, then you need to support the lower part of the body with your hand.

First, the command “next” is executed, the dog stands on the left side of the person. The “Snake” command is worked out as follows: there should be food in the hand, slowly lead the dog in front of the nose, holding the hand between the legs. The movements should be slow so that the dog understands what is required of it.

It is not easy to train a dog to fulfill this order – in nature, the dog does not walk backwards, it turns its body.

Starting position-the dog stands in front of the owner. The command “back” is given and the person starts moving towards the dog. Instinctively, the dog will start to back up a little so that the owner does not step on his paws. Even if the dog took just one step – it is already worthy of praise. The number of steps should be added gradually during training.

training a puppy yourself

“Jump into the ring»
The ring must be taken of sufficient size so that the dog can pass through it freely. First, you need to put the ring on the floor, show the direction of movement through the ring with a treat. When the dog passes, praise, give a treat. While practicing the skill, gradually raise the ring higher.

Tips from a specialist
List of tips for raising a puppy from a dog handler:

  • Do not overly bother young animals, classes should be frequent, but not long.
  • The total time for training is from 60 to 90 minutes a day, with breaks.
  • Working out commands should be consistent, you can not give the pet more tasks than it can perform.
  • All orders are given once, if the puppy refuses to perform-it is brought to the desired position mechanically.
  • Good motivation is the key to successful training.


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