Chippin Reviews: The Best Dog Food Marketed?

Chippin Reviews: Is It Really Suitably-sourced?

If you are looking for sustainably sourced food for your pet, then, Chippin may be an option for you. The company uses only hypoallergenic and ecological protein – the meat of crickets. Yes, you’ve heard this right!

Despite their small size, crickets are extremely nutritious. They contain more protein than beef, more iron than spinach, and more calcium than milk. Not only do crickets contain more B12 vitamin than salmon, they also have a complete amino acid profile.
Usually, animals eat meat to replenish their protein supply. But according to Chippin, food with crickets provides enough nutrients. And your four-legged friend doesn’t necessarily have to consume a lot of meat and other proteins.
Another benefit is that, unlike animal husbandry, cricket breeding does not require a lot of resources. A cow gives birth to one calf, which must be fed and raised for two to three years. At the same time, only about 50% of the animal will go into food. Crickets, in turn, contain 60-70% protein and usually produce 1,200-1,300 eggs. Besides, farm-raised insects are completely harmless to pet consumption. So, why not trying Chippin?

Chippin Snacks: Overview

Chippin is a brand that has been created to decrease carbon footprinting. It produces food for dogs that contains only sustainable proteins. Mainly, it’s crickets, but there are also options with silver carp.

Due to the peculiarities of nutrition, silver carp meat contain amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3 and omega-6 groups, which, with regular consumption, help prevent the development of malignant tumors, nervous disorders, improve heart function, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, lower cholesterol and blood pressure in hypertensive pets.
Silver carp contains a lot of iron, phosphorus, sulfur, and zinc. All these chemical elements bring undoubted benefits to the organism: the condition and growth of fur and claws improves, the skin recovers faster, the production of an iron-containing protein is stimulated, which performs a gas exchange function, removes toxic substances, and has antioxidant properties.
Nutritionists recommend eating silver carp meat because of the following benefits:

  • Fish protein is absorbed in almost 100% ratio.
  • The time of absorption by a dog’s organism is about 2 hours.
  • The usefulness of fish oil, which contains vitamins A, D.
  • Low-calorie content (recommended for overweight animals).
  • Silver carp meat lacks stress hormones that animals release into the bloodstream before dying.

Similar to crickets, silver carp don’t require too much time to breed. Therefore, its husbandry uses 80%+ fewer resources and contributes to the decrease of carbon footprinting.

Is This Dog Food Safe?

Each Chippin recipe is tested by third-party institutions and certified veterinarians. Under their approval, the dog food is produced in facilities with the Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certification. This is considered the highest standard in the pet industry. So, yes, we can claim the Chippin food is absolutely safe for your dogs to consume.

Does My Pet Really Need Chippin Protein Snacks?

It depends on your four-legged friend’s nutrition. Increased protein intake does not necessarily lead to better nutritional quality. The amount of protein is really one of the key factors to consider when choosing your pet food. However, the main goal is to meet the individual needs of the animal for its nutrient, taking into account the current stage of its life and/or possible health characteristics. Another important aspect is digestibility – you need to make sure that the animal can use the proteins it receives efficiently. The Chippin manufacturer works to create optimal formulas and carefully control the finished product, ensuring the high quality and digestibility of the protein its snacks contain.
With excessive consumption of protein, the animal’s body will not be able to maintain it, and, therefore, its excess does not go to the development of muscle mass. Most likely, it will be excreted in urine or feces, which does not threaten a healthy animal. However, an increased amount of protein indicates an imbalance in the feed. Any unbalanced diet can cause health problems. So, you’re better to consult your veterinarian before including Chippin into your pet’s diet.

What’s the Price? Where Can I Buy These Foods?

As of the time of writing, Chippin treats are sold through the official site only. Customers have 4 options at their choice:

  • Antioxidant pack (5 oz) for supporting your dog’s immunity and detoxifying its organism;
  • Smokehouse BBQ pack (5 oz) for supporting the gut health;
  • Spirulina Dailies pack (5 oz) for vegan nutrition;
  • Superfood pack (5 oz) that provides 80%+ proteins.

All the pouches are sold in 2 units. The price for all package options is 15.99 dollars. You can buy 4 pouches instead of 2 at discounted prices. Or you can combine 4 different pouches in 1 package (Variate Pack) for $31.96.

Apart from treats, Chippin sells accessories and food samples. All the products are delivered within 1-3 working days across the USA. Note that the shipping fee is charged separately.

How Much Chippin Does My Dog Have To Consume?

The feeding amount is individual. It depends on your dog’s breed, weight, level of activity, and diet specifics. You can consult your veterinarian on the calorie consumption of your four-legged friend. Or you may ask the Chippin support team for help. They will provide you with all the necessary details on the Board Certified veterinarians’ recommendations.

Do the Treats Suit Cats?

As Chippin states on their website, the manufacturer doesn’t produce food for cats. Yet, there are customers that claim their cats love crickets and silver carp snacks and eat them with pleasure. We don’t encourage you to give Chippin dog food to a cat, but if your pet can digest it and doesn’t have bowel issues afterward, you are good to go.

Customers’ Feedback

The dachshund eats Chippin without much eagerness. Granules are tiny, just right for a puppy. My dog doesn’t have any bowel issues, her fur is in great condition. I like the brand!

Kavan Dudley

Our Spitz loves this food very much, eats with pleasure!

Muhamed Steadman

Ironically, my dog started eating this food, unlike the others that had to be mixed with something before, from the first bowl. Having chosen this food, I assume, you will not be disappointed. Chippin treats contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins. So far, I did not find any drawbacks.

Mackenzie Stubbs

I give Chippin Antioxidant food to my cat. Yes, I’m probably the only cat owner who prefers this natural and sustainably-sourced dry food to other options. And my Katty loves it! Besides, our veterinarian approved the formula. As for health effects, the Antioxidant pack helps Katty to deal with inflammation in her joints. She moves more freely. Would recommend Chippin to others!

Faheem Bowden

Great treats! My dog eats Chippin food with pleasure! We have a French Bulldog prone to allergies, so we had to switch to dry food. We took Variety Pack when it was at a huge discount. Now, it costs more, and I think the price is too much as for 5 oz per pouch. Yet, it’s worth its money. So far, Chippin is the best option for allergic dogs. 5 out of 5!

Cienna Bean

I really appreciate that Chippin sells a vegan pack. I started following veganism 3 years ago, and wanted to support the idea in every aspect of my life. I read lots of studies regarding dogs’ nutrition and vegan dry foods. Having made sure that plant protein is fine for supporting pets’ gut health, immunity, and overall condition, I decided to try Chippin. I was afraid my Labrador wouldn’t like Spirulina, but he ate the whole bowl in a matter of seconds. I started giving him more and more vegan dry food, and so far, everything is fine. My dog doesn’t have bowel problems, his fur grows well, teeth are in perfect condition. so, don’t be afraid to diversify your pet’s nutrition. There is nothing bad about a plant-based diet!

Lydia Mcclain

I feed Chippin to all my dogs. They are of different breeds and ages. Some are sprayed, some are not. In any case, they love cricket-based dry food, eat it with pleasure. Will continue buying Chippin packs.

Izzy Washington


Chippin is a great solution for all pet owners and their four-legged friends that have allergies, are picky eaters, or simply prefer dry food. The company’s treats are eco-friendly, sustainable, and suit dogs of all breeds and ages. Other benefits are down below!


  • Chippin snacks use 80%+ fewer resources and contribute to the decrease of carbon footprinting.
  • The company uses sustainably sourced proteins only.
  • The Chippin food suits most dogs. The used ingredients are tasty, hypoallergenic, and contain at least 60% of proteins.
  • No preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors are used.
    There are no traces of wheat, soy, sugar, and dairy products.
  • The Chippin dog food is not tested on animals.
    There is a vegan option.


  • Chippin treats are sold through the official site only.
  • The price is higher than for usual meat treats.


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