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King Kanine Reviews: What Is It for Real?

Being a dog or a cat owner, you’ve probably heard of the King Kanine chain of pet shops. It sells wholly-organic products in over 45 countries around the world. And today, the brand if pretty famous for manufacturing pet-oriented cannabidiol containing products.

CBD (stands for cannabidiol) is one of the hemp cannabinoids that is frequently used for treating insomnia, relieving pain, reducing stress, fatigue and so on. In the vet industry, cannabidiol is utilized mainly for easing intractable pain caused by different types of cancer, arthritis and other diseases.

Therefore, cannabidiol containing products have become really common among pet owners recently. And King Kanine follows the suit producing one of the best cannabidiol supplements, oils, and so on marketed. In this article, we are going to review the main products made by the company, their advantages and drawbacks and to draw a conclusion whether King Kanine is really the best or not.

So, let’s start our review!

The Story Of The King Kanine

The brand was created by Jeff Riman in 2015. Since then, the CEO has been working hard to make King Kanine one of the most widespread and trust-worthy companies in the companion animal product industry.

Thus, the items manufactured by King Kanine were mentioned on multiple occasions in different popular magazines in 2016. All the articles and comments were favored. Probably, the most significant one was in Pet Business Magazine.

The next year, the brand was rewarded twice. The first award was given by the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals as the recognition of the company’s dedication to aiding companion animal psychic well-being and physical health. The second prize is an annual reward from Pet Business Magazine. Again, it was given as a recognition of King Kanine achievements in the industry and for the high quality of their products.

The same year, the King Kanine brand became a business representative and activist of the ASPCA. Being on this position, the CEO and his colleagues render assistance in collecting monetary means for the association and spreading knowledge about the ASPCA activity.

In 2018, the company won another award from Pet Business Magazine for the best cannabidiol product marketed. It was also frequently advertised and seen on TV and various publications such as Dogster, Pet Age, High Times and many others.

The Key Goals of The Brand

The slogan of King Kanine sounds like “Pet well-being inside and out”. Sure enough, the great team of professionals does their best for promoting companion animal mental well-being and physical health.

Alongside (in accordance with Jeff Riman’s words), the company does not aim at making dozens of different products. As pet owners themselves, King Kanine workers prefer to formulate and manufacture just a few items of really high quality rather than hundreds of cost effective ones. And in our opinion, this is the right principle.

Are The Items by King Kanine Secure & Effectual?

Yes, the King Kanine items are effectual and absolutely secure to use. All the oils and treats are checked by a Certified ISO-17025 Laboratory. You can see the results published on the manufacturer’s official website. Besides, they come with the product packaging.

On top of this, CBD used in the oils and treats is 100% organic and does not contain genetically modified products. Also, the King Kanine goods do not include any chemicals, dissolvents and/or crop protecting agents. There is no risk of harm to your pet’s health.

As for effectiveness, King Kanine uses dioxide carbon method for extracting cannabidiol from cannabis and cooks all the treats at low temperature to provide the buyers with goods of great quality.

The List of Top Items

The best-selling items are from KING KALM and KING KLEAN Lines. They include oils, crunches, balms, balms, grooming products and many others. Let’s review the top ones.

KING KALM Cannabidiol Oils

There are various selections for cats and dogs of different sizes (small, medium and big) and even breeds. Each bottle contains about 30 ml of the CBD oil broad-spectrum. There are four strengths of the key component content, and the prices differ accordingly. Thus, the oil may cost:

  • 30 dollars for a 75-mg bottle
  • 50 dollars for a 150-mg bottle
  • 75 dollars for a 300-mg bottle
  • 100 dollars for a 600-mg bottle

Apart from CBD, there is an arctic brit oil in the formula. THC content is 0%.


This is a 1.75-ounce jar of special cannabidiol balm for moisturizing a dog’s paws. It helps in protecting your pet’s paws during hot or snowy/icy weather. The key components are bees-wax, cannabidiol oil, manuka honey, copra oil and volatile oils. One jar costs about 17 dollars.


These are fully organic cookies which can be fed to both dogs and cats. Each crunch contains no more than 3 mg of cannabidiol. There are about 30 to 40 cookies in one bag.

The brand offers three flavor selections: heathberry, apple canella and roasted almond oats. Additional components are Louisiana yam, eggs, honey, whole pepper and oat flour. THC content is 0%. The bag of CBD crunches is about $35.

KING KLEAN Organic Shampoo For Dogs

This is a non-allergenic, environmentally benign and nontoxical cleaner for dogs. One bottle is 16 fluid ounces. The main components are copra oil, simmondsia chinesis oil, citronella grass, olive oil, Mediterranean aloe and rosmarinus officinalis oil. One bottle of shampoo costs around 18 dollars.


The item removes odors from all the textiles that may be in contact with your companion animal. It also antibacterial and non-allergenic. One package of the spray costs $14.99.

Average Pricing of The King Kanine Goods

Prices for cannabidiol products may seem more expensive in comparison to goods from other brands. Thus, the King Kanine cannabidiol oils cost from $30 to $100 depending on the CBD content, when other manufacturers sell at the minimum price of $23-25.

The delivery is free of charge only for orders of $100 and up and takes two working days at maximum.

Buyers’ Comments On The Brand

In this section of the review, we have collected some testimonials of King Kanine standing customers. We hope these comments will help you to understand more clearly whether the brand is a perfect solution for you or not.


I took my cat from a pet shelter when he was about a month. He’s 1.5 years old now but still afraid of unfamiliar people. I decided to buy KING KALM CBD oil (with 75 mg of cannabidiol) for his anxiety issues. I just add a few drops in the wet food, and he doesn’t notice it at all. Now, my cat is a lot calmer, I can tell this. Thanks to the manufacturer!

Denny Carroll, Sacramento, California (July 6, 2020).


Our Shih Tzu Hanna was diagnosed with inflammatory arthropathy a few months ago. All that time, she had been suffering from uncontrollable joint pain. 2 or 3 weeks ago, we bought the cannabidiol oil for her. Hanna has definitely become more energetic, and she moves more than before. We are grateful to the manufacturer for such an effective formula.

Delia Anthony, Virginia Beach, Virginia (Dec 21, 2020).


The brand is just perfect! I buy oils and cookies for both my dogs of different sizes monthly. And both formulas are really effective. My pets do not suffer from appetite issues or fatigue, and they are more friendly to guests.

Aiysha Shepard, Greensboro, North Carolina (Jan 5, 2021).


Well, I guess we’ll be your standing customer. My Cosmo loves your products (oils and crunches). Stay as high-quality as you are!

Jemma Harvey, Norfolk, Virginia (Jan 15, 2021).


5 out of 5. We are fully satisfied with your products. Thanks a lot!

Ralphy Villanueva, Corpus Christi, Texas (Feb 1, 2021).


We’ve been giving this 300-mg CBD oil to our 13-year-old boy for 7 years now, I guess. He’s always calm, eats well and looks happy. We are going to purchase from King Kanine on a regular basis.

Tymoteusz Snider, Bakersfield, California (Feb 12, 2021).


To conclude, King Kanine is trully one of the top and most trust-worthy brands marketed. You might check the list of benefits and disadvantages below.

PROS King Kanine

  • All the King Kanine oils, crunches, and other goods are checked and proven by an external laboratory with a ISO-17025 certificate. All the test results are published on the manufacturer’s official website and come with product packaging.
  • Utilized cannabidiol is fully natural and is not genetically modified. Also, the King Kanine goods do not include any chemicals, dissolvents and/or crop protecting agents.
  • The dioxide carbon medium (that is of a high standard) is utilized for extracting cannabidiol from a hemp plant.
  • THC content is 0%. Accordingly, there is no risk of intoxicating effects.
  • Treats are manufactured at low temperature to provide the ultra-high quality.
  • CBD oils and crunches suit pets of different sizes, breeds and age.
  • The manufacturer offers a 100% refund guarantee. If the packaging is damaged, or you are not pleased with the results, you can return a product within a month after the delivery date.

CONS King Kanine

  • The King Kanine goods may seem expensive in comparison to other pet-oriented cannabidiol products.
  • Client support service is not twenty-four seven.
  • The delivery is chargeless only for orders from 100 dollars.

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