Fromm Dog Food Reviews: #1 Feed for Four-Legged Friends?!

Fromm Gold Adult Dry Dog Food Reviews: #1 Feed for Four-Legged Friends?!

Dry kibble is a popular and well-known feed format for many owners. However, dry rations are also different. Knowing how a particular food is prepared can help you decide if it is right for your pet. Hereinafter, we will only talk about high-quality foods like Fromm that help adult pets lead a long and healthy life.

Science does not stand still and biologists receive more and more new data on the metabolism of dogs, their anatomy, and feeding behavior. All this allows improving both the formula of complete feeds, providing a full range of nutrients, and their forms on an annual basis.
Granulated dog food is usually manufactured in the form of granules, but they are made in different ways. The most commonly used technology is extrusion. All ingredients that make up the ration are crushed, blended, and passed through an extruder. This is a special apparatus that looks a bit like a giant meat grinder. In the grill of this “meat grinder”, there are small holes from which the mixed raw food is squeezed out. Then it is cut into granules and heat-treated.

The pellets are cooked at high enough temperatures and then coated with fat, vitamins and preservatives to prevent spoilage. While the presence of preservatives at first glance seems like a disadvantage, they are necessary to ensure the sufficient shelf life that we expect from dry food. Now, many manufacturers of quality feed (including Fromm) have begun to use lower extrusion temperatures (less than 100°C). This saves more nutrients in the food.
Baked dry food is less common. Their granules, firstly, are cooked at a lower temperature (this allows you to get more nutritious and flavorful pieces), and secondly, they have a more porous structure. This feed is softer and easier to chew, which can be essential for older dogs or pets with dental or “stomach” problems.
Coated pieces are the least widespread. Their unique variety is the outer layer of freeze-dried meat, which is applied to the granules after baking. This feed is enriched with additional nutrients obtained from freeze-dried meat. And such food is tastier than usual, which can help the owner of a capricious or picky pet.

Fromm Gold Adult Dog Food is a common type of dry granular kibble prepared at low temperatures. It’s a great variant for adult pets as it contains more micro-elements and is easier to chew. More details are further!

Fromm Dog Food: What Exactly Is It?

Basically, Fromm is a producer of dry granular kibble for dogs of all breeds and ages. It’s been on the market since the beginning of the 20th century and has proven itself to be reliable and well-liked. The manufacturer provides numerous flavors of kibble, including:

  • duck combined with different vegetables;
  • beef+veggies;
  • lamb with lentil;
  • whitefish and potato;
  • salmon in combination with duck and chicken;
  • salmon (without additives);
  • pork and peas or apples (at your choice);
  • a combo of rabbit and duck;
  • poultry combo – quail, duck, pheasant & turkey.

The product for adult dogs (Gold Adult Dry Food) can be currently ordered in one flavor only (see below for more details). It includes at least 25% of proteins, 4~8% of fiber, and about 15% of fats essential for dogs’ organisms to perform for the whole day straight.

What Are the Advantages?

The biggest plus of Fromm dried food is that there is no need to cook it: just put the kibble in a bawl and that’s it! Other advantages include the next aspects:

  1. You do not need to calculate the volume of a single serving, the daily feeding rate is calculated and indicated on the package.
  2. The food is balanced and there is no need to buy additional vitamins or supplements.
  3. A huge variety of feeds allows you to choose an individual menu based on the age, lifestyle, and health of your four-legged friend. Thus, the Gold Adult Dog variant perfectly suits pets over 1 year old.
  4. If you travel often, then granulated food is easy to take with you on the road.

What Components Are Mixed in Fromm Adult Gold Dog Dry Food?

Apart from micro-elements, preservatives, and probiotics, the Fromm company uses:

  • Duck
  • Louisiana Yam
  • Rolled Oat Groats
  • Barley Grits
  • Pearl Milled Rice
  • Wheat Groats
  • Dried Tomato Paste
  • Carrots
  • Dried Egg
  • Linseed
  • Broccoli
  • Brassica oleracea
  • Salt
  • Green Beans
  • Alfalfa Sprouts
  • Parsley
  • Cranberries
  • Blueberries
  • Apples
  • Coffeeweed Extract
  • Mojave Yucca
  • Folacin
  • 2-amino ethanesulphonic acid, etc.

Such a combination gives dogs a sufficient amount of proteins, fats, dietary fibre, and other nutrients. Gold Dry Food restores energy pet’s energy, supports metabolic performance and digestion, prevents inflammatory processes, and so on.

Where to Find? How Much Is It?

The Fromm brand has its website selling the mentioned product. We do not recommend trying to find this particular kibble on other platforms as they may distribute cheap fake options. Check everything twice before ordering!

As for pricing, it depends on the size of the pack. Depending on your dog size, you can order 5, 15, or 30-lb packages. As of now, the prices for Fromm Gold Adult kibble are as follows:

  • 5-lb option – 13.37 dollars;
  • 15-lb variant – 27.75 dollars;
  • 30-lb pack – 50.94 dollars.

The shipping is free only for the biggest package and large orders (2+ packs). In general, you can order different Fromm products, and if the total cost exceeds 50 dollars, you can expect zero-cost delivery.

Fromm Food for Dogs: Is It Safe?

The manufacturer makes use of only organic components. The brand is suitable even for hypersensitive dogs. The product for adult four-legged friends is checked and certified. The kibble is completely secure to feed your dogs on a daily basis.

Feedback on the Brand & Its Product

I have a dwarf dachshund. In 2021, she will be 12 years old. Since 2014, we have been buying and feeding her Fromm Gold line with wild duck. Tried food with salmon, beef, turkey and even canned food (fish), but she didn’t particularly like anything of that. After sterilization and problems with the intestines, I was searching for something to feed for a long time, surfed all the possible information on the internet, found this dog food brand and realized that I had saved the dog from further health problems. My dachshund is a bit overweight (due to late sterilization), BUT she’s still active, her coat shines, her ears are clean, and her teeth are white. The wild duck is her most favorite flavor! It is a pity that from her birth, this food was not included in her diet, it cannot be compared with any other brand! 100% recommend!

Daniele Rivera

Our Central Asian shepherd weighs more than 90 kilograms, and this is a huge load on his joints. Fromm food is designed taking into account all the characteristics and needs of such heavyweights. There are special components that strengthen the musculoskeletal system. Gold Adult Dry Dog Food has a protein content of at least 24%, and fat content of 10% at the very least. Carbs in the feed are available from potatoes (not the usual, but the sweet variety). This option suits my dog more than grains, as with the latter, food problems often arise: allergies and indigestion. I don’t know what small-breed dog owners think about this kibble, but I’m personally completely satisfied with it. High-quality, well-thought-out composition. And despite the huge size of my dog, he eats little, which means that the food is full of nutrients and enough for a long time. In winter, of course, the consumption is higher. Still, recommend it!

Corrie Welch

After switching to Fromm, my dog (3 y.o.) no longer suffered from problems with metabolic performance. Her coat has changed for the better, now the dog sheds in accordance with the seasons – in the spring and in the fall. The pet stopped smelling like a dirty carpet (sorry for the comparison). It was especially noticeable after walking in rainy weather, or swimming in the river. No smell now! The plaque on her teeth decreased, respectively, the mouth smells much less. All these thanks to the high-quality complete feed by Fromm. The composition of this kibble for adult dogs is one of the most correct among all dog meals. It contains enough meat, cereals, and even vitamins. The food is enriched with all the ingredients necessary for a healthy and long life of a pet. You don’t need to count grams as you would when feeding natural food. Another plus of this dry food is that it is suitable for training as an edible reward. Hands do not get dirty from it. There is only one drawback of the feed – price. But the quality of the product comes first. There are very few cases when good food is cheap. We don’t even try to switch to something else.

Otto Tucker

Our path to the perfect feed looked like this: Royal Kanin, Akana, and finally – Fromm Gold. I must say right away that I also had no complaints about food before Fromm dry feed – my dog ate excellently, was healthy. But the composition of our new kibble turned out to be much better. Fromm Gold Adult Dry Dog Food is a super premium brand that has passed many examinations and tests. There are no cheap preservatives or meat substitutes in the feed. The detailed composition can be found on the Internet.

Sumaya Cole

Fromm produces several types of food, based on the size, age and characteristics of your pet. The Gold Dry Food is perfect for medium breeds. My husky does not suffer from diseases, so this “regular” food suits her well. She especially liked the taste of duck. Her state of health after the introduction of this feed did not change. Fromm food is well absorbed and does not cause allergic reactions. I feed my husky 2 times a day, 150 grams per serving. She eats well, doesn’t seem to starve, although she is active a lot during the day. Mega economical consumption. 15 kg (30 lbs) of packaging is enough for a long time!

Holly Roman

To Sum Up

In our review, we mainly focused on what pet owners think about the manufacturer and its product. Based on this information, we can conclude that Fromm Gold Food is perfect in terms of pricing and grade. The kibble is beneficial for your dog’s overall physical state as it promotes gut functioning, oral hygiene, nutrient absorption, energy exchange, and more. Other advantages are as follows:


  • Fromm food is rich in nutrients.
  • Gold Dry Food restores energy pet’s energy and helps animals to stay active throughout the day.
  • It supports metabolic performance and digestion.
  • The combination of Fromm components prevents inflammatory processes.
  • The dry food is suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. It’s suitable even for hypersensitive pets.
  • There is an option of free delivery.


  • Fromm kibble can be bought through the official website only.
  • It’s for dogs only!

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