Dry and wet dog food

Dry and wet dog food

Pay attention to the entire composition of the product, not just its humidity

It turns out that replacing a dry diet with a wet one will not give the dog anything, except perhaps an additional intake of fluid into the body (which can be given separately from food, in a neighboring bowl). It is much more important to see what is in the feed besides moisture.

In addition, high-quality feed should not contain:

Rule #2. The daily rate is important!
The proportions can be varied depending on the preferences of the pet — the main thing is to make sure that the animal does not overeat.

Dry dog food

Remember: only the highest quality dry food provides a balanced diet for your pet. If the pet refuses to eat the pellets, you can soften them with water or low-fat kefir.

Like any even the most useful food, food in pellets has its drawbacks, which you need to be aware of. What “pitfalls” are there when feeding a pet with granular products? So:

some owners note that dry dog food causes flatulence in pets;
you can practically not track the quality of products by smelling them. It remains only to trust the manufacturer, having familiarized himself with the composition and date of manufacture.

Choose premium and super premium class feeds. Budget products include soy, hormones, pesticides and chemical additives that can undermine the health of your pet.

Semi-wet food

Is it possible to mix?
Let’s return to the question that worries all pet owners who feed them with ready-made food. Is it possible to combine dry and wet food?

Conclusion: It is possible to combine them, but within the product line of one manufacturer.

Advantages of mixed dog feeding

Before transferring the dog to dry food, alternating with wet canned food, any owner wants to know the advantages of such a solution. Specialists of the Waltham® research center name the main ones:

The final conclusions of the British scientists were supported by veterinarians from different countries. The published information became the basis for a number of seminars on diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, and urinary system at international veterinary symposiums.

Important: The testing was carried out using premium products from leading brands. Low-quality products do not meet the needs of animals for a balanced diet.


Advantages of ready-made canned food

Ready-made canned food can solve a number of problems for dog breeders associated with feeding a pet:

  • canned food for dogs has an attractive smell and taste, it is these factors that will provide an excellent appetite for a pet;
  • saving time on food preparation;
  • you can choose food by wallet;
  • thanks to the portion bags, it is easy to diversify the pet’s diet and identify favorite and not favorite brands and tastes;
  • it is easy to feed your pet on the go or outside the house;
  • they are better absorbed by dogs;
  • due to the high humidity, when using them, pets do not have urolithiasis.
  • Despite all the advantages, canned food for dogs has its own significant disadvantages.


Advantages and disadvantages of dry food

The disadvantages of dry food include

How to feed dry food
It has been noticed that animals that eat dry food drink much more than those who are naturally fed or consume liquid food.

This is important! The main feature of feeding an animal with dry food is the need for a sufficient amount of water. The animal must have unrestricted access to it at any time.

Many owners are wondering how to feed dry food and whether it is possible to leave it in the public domain?

  • age;
  • sizes;
  • the animal’s appetite;
  • the degree of its activity;
  • the type of feed and the manufacturer.

Some dog breeds, as well as neutered cats, are prone to overeating. Owners of such animals should pay special attention to the volume of portions consumed by them.

What to choose: dry or wet food?
convenience of feeding;
the type of food consumed by a puppy or kitten from a breeder;
the available budget.
Whatever type of food the owner chooses, he should know that

When betting on dry food, or a new wet product, it is important to monitor the condition of the animal, its stool, mood, health and appetite. If your friend is cheerful and active, you have made the right choice!

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